Coronavirus Wedding Impact- What All Can Be Done?

A whole bunch of couples, who were going to get married in the next couple of months, are surely freaking out. They can’t think to get married for at least 4-5 months from now, thanks to the pandemic. The worldwide coronavirus outbreak, Covid-19, has forced Indians as well as people in abroad nations to re-plan or cancel their weddings.

Everyone is trying to figure they should do next and how this is going to impact your wedding. Here are some Coronavirus wedding impacts that you might go through and ways to improve them.



The reality is that people who were going to get married have spent in a lot of time and money in planning their big day. There are a whole lot of people who need to be informed that either you would postpone or cancel the wedding for this year. 

Couples Who Were Going To Get Married Between April-June


Completely canceling out the bookings for the venue, catering, favors and more is the best option that you could think of giving such an outbreak of the virus. Canceling for the dates between these months and then postponing it for maybe November or December could be an option. But wait for the storm to settle and then decide on further dates.

Most planners will not charge you for the same, they will offer you the same bookings with change in dates with certain terms and conditions. Quite a few vendors get booked way before, and so if you plan to postpone the wedding for 2021, you need to be flexible with the dates since there are people who have already started booking for that year. 

Rather than freaking out, try being calm and relax and start planning and what all you could do further. The entire world has come on halt, nothing is operating. Stressing over that won’t help anyone. Since we have no idea how long this is going to last, pushing out the wedding at least 6-9 months is a great option.


The government estimates that the worst of it would get over around July-August. But even after these months it will take a lot of time for things to settle and beginning a normal life. So, it is better to just shift the wedding for the early next year and start booking for the same so that you could easily find dates according to your wish. 

If you are working with a wedding planner or coordinator, then it is the best thing as you just need to convey them what are you planning ahead for your wedding after this pandemic gets over. They would then accordingly speak to various vendors, look out for dates and make changes. In this case, you don’t need to make calls and asking for numbers of people to make changes. Wedding planners are there to your rescue!

How To Make The Best Out Of This Pandemic?

  • As for event insurance, if you have already insured your wedding then mostly this is is not going to get covered within the insurance. Be sure to check your policy specifically if it covers cancellation of your events due to outbreak of virus (coronavirus). Having an event insurance might anyhow help in some or the other way, maybe if there is illness of either bride and groom then the insurance will get covered. 
  • Make sure to inform your guests about postponing your wedding and if somewhat the tentative dates are fixed then give them the idea for the same so they can also decide in advance about travel, bookings if they aren’t occupied in some other work during that time. This will help you guys to know the headcount and so you can make changes in the venue and catering accordingly because there will be guests above 65 (elderly) who won’t travel and take risks even if the wedding is postponed, for obvious reasons. Source
  • For couples out there, take this as an opportunity to plan your wedding more efficiently and think that you were missing out on something and now you have got ample time to make those arrangements. Keep hope and faith. Anytime there is something wrong going on anywhere, something better always happens. So, there is always a rainbow after the storm. 
  • Since you all would be sitting home and have good amount of time planning your wedding. Here are some links to some blogs which might be of a little help for you to plan the wedding more efficiently



After all we have all the time in the world since we all are quarantined, so, just sit back, check out the blogs for some inspiration and relax.

Don’t forget to STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!