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Mehandi darker naturally

Ah! It’s your Mehendi ceremony and you are worried will your Mehendi get dark. I understand the plight of the women whose Mehendi hardly get dark no matter what they do or do not do. But not this time! We have some fool-proof tips for all you brides-to-be to get dark Mehendi naturally.

The color of the Mehendi matters to all, also because of the belief that the darker the Mehendi, the more loving the husband. Don’t know if it is true or not or but it definitely boosts the morale of the bride for that matter of fact.

Mehandi darker naturally

Here Are The Top Ten Tips To Get Dark Mehendi Naturally

Mehendi looks beautiful on the hands of the bride but only if it is dark enough. So, here are we to give you the top ten tips to get dark Mehendi naturally.

Wash Hands With Soap

Try to make it a habit of yours that you wash your hands with soap before you apply Mehendi on your hands and feet. Also, make sure that you avoid all sorts of lotions, creams before applying Mehendi.

dark mehendi naturally

Apply Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil has darkening properties, thus becomes an amazing option for you to darken your Mehendi. Apply this oil before applying Mehendi on your hands and feet and you will love the results.

dark mehendi naturally

Give Your Mehendi Time To Dry

It is simple but important! Give a sufficient amount of time, preferably the whole night, to your Mehendi to let it dry completely and naturally. Do not resort to blow dryers to dry it. Let the process be natural!

dark mehendi naturally

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Bandage Your Hands

You must have seen that the crust of your Mehendi starts peeling-off in some time. The disadvantage of this is that it leaves some part of the Mehendi lighter and some part darker. So bandage your handss lightly. You can use polythene as well to do this.

dark mehendi naturally

Apply Lemon and Sugar

I am sure you must have been told this by your mom or granny. Yes, it works! Apply the mixture of lemon and sugar on your Mehendi after it has dried completely. You can use a cotton ball to dab it lightly. The results will amaze you.

dark mehendi naturally

The Magical Limestone

It is believed by experts that a fine layer of lime on Mehendi may work wonders to darken your Mehendi. But the catch is that it works only if you don’t touch the water.

dark mehendi naturally

Cloves ‘Bhaap’

The steam of cloves can make your Mehendi change its color instantly. After applying lemon and sugar on your Mehendi, let your Mehendi dry from the fumes of the cloves.

dark mehendi naturally

Apply Vicks/Oil After Your Crust Peels-Off

It is a tried and tested method. After the crust of your Mehendi peels-off, apply Vicks or oil like Coconut oil, mustard oil. It is due to the fact that these things produce heat in your body and thus releases heat too, making the Mehendi dark.

dark mehendi naturally

No Water Please

I know this is known to everyone but reminding you again is necessary. Avoid touching water at all costs. Thus, it is better to avoid drinking too much water also while you apply Mehendi for obvious reasons.

dark mehendi naturally

No Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and Pedicures are so relaxing but don’t do it at the cost of your Mehendi. It removes the upper layer of your Mehendi and makes it lighter in color. You don’t want that, right?

dark mehendi naturally

Vaseline is Your Friend

Vaseline is truly your best friend to darken your Mehendi. The best time to apply Vaseline is when you are going to have a beauty sleep. It will stay untouched for hours and will reap better results.

dark mehendi naturally

So, these were the top ten tips for you all brides-to-be who don’t want to compromise on the color of their Mehendi. The deep hue of the Mehendi will not only adorn your hands and feet but will give you the opportunity to gloat that your husband will love you like hell. And this is so comforting a feeling for any bride-to-be.

If you found the article helpful, give your suggestions in the comment below and let us know if you have any such formula to make the Mehendi darker.