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This lockdown period comes down really hard on brides-to-be. You had all these plans of the perfect wedding and honeymoon and visions and plans for your life ahead, and they have all been postponed indefinitely. But worry not, this shall also come to an end soon. Instead of wallowing on what might have been let us instead prepare for what is yet to come. This is the perfect time for you to take care of your skin. If you did not get time before to engage in pre-bridal care, utilize this time to achieve that perfect bridal glow.

Keeping in mind constraints regarding purchasing, we have designed a skincare regimen for you solely using homemade ingredients. 


You must begin with exfoliation as it helps to make the remaining steps that much more effective. Proper exfoliation helps remove the dead cells and uncover the fresh cells below. This will help moisturizing products to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

For oily skin, a scrub made of equal parts sea salt and olive oil will help remove dead cells and impurities without stripping off the essential oils. If you have combination skin, use any homemade sugar scrub.

And for dry skin, it is generally not necessary to exfoliate, but you can use a mild sugar scrub or cleansing grains. 

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Toners help shrink the pores in your skin and restore the pH balance. They add a layer of protection and act as a precursor to moisturizer. They can also help prevent ingrown hairs. 

For oily skin, you can use aloe vera, lemon juice, or even dabbing ice water will work.

On the other hand, for dry skin rose water is the best option. Mix rose water with a small quantity of chamomile oil and geranium oil. Mix well and apply. 

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Cleansing should be a part of your daily skincare routine, especially if you are someone who wears makeup regularly. It helps remove the toxins, impurities, excess oil, dead skin and refreshes your skin. Oil cleansing is an excellent cleansing method for any skin type. You just need to vary the oils and the proportion in which they are mixed according to your skin type. 

For oily skin, use castor oil and olive oil in a 1:1 or a 2:1 ratio. Castor oil helps to prevent your skin from becoming too oily. 

If you have combination skin, use castor oil and any other oil (olive, almond, etc.) in the ratio 1:3.

Or if you have dry skin, add a minimal amount of castor oil along with almond/ olive oil. For dehydrated skin, castor oil can be avoided.

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Moisturising prevents your skin from becoming too dry or too oily. In addition to that, it helps you look young by fighting wrinkles and concealing blemishes. 

For oily skin, minimal moisturizing is needed. You can use coconut oil, but if you feel that even that is too oily, then you can use a diluted apple cider. 

In the case of combination skin, you can use coconut oil or shea butter. You can also go for natural lotion bars or homemade lotions. 

On the other hand for dry skin, the best options are whipped body butter and plain organic shea butter. 

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Even though the routine as mentioned earlier will help nourish and enrich your skin, to sustain the glow, you need to take care of a few other things too. What you consume is as important as what you apply outside, also do take out the time to try some easy and healthy recipes. Use the various live workout and dance fitness sessions to the fullest. While we understand that you have to binge-watch the latest Netflix special, do ensure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.