Different types of people you meet at every wedding

We encounter different types of people at weddings. Some go for the chicken and others go for the rasgullas. So are you a butter chicken dude or a rasgulla swagger?


Remember that annoying aunty who is always after you? Don’t worry we have been in that situation too.

It’s always a battle while choosing between melodious Arijit and rocking Yo Yo. While some think weddings are meant for high energy Yo Yo songs, others think nothing can be more romantic than Arijit Singh’s soulful voice. We bring you the two kinds of people you will meet at Indian weddings. What’s your take?


We meet too many people at weddings, while some love to show their moves on “London thumakda”, others think that “DJ wale babu” sets the “naach gaana” mood perfectly. So which one is your favorite?



Admit it, most of us love going to weddings for the free food. While some give serious competition to the dish washing soaps, others think wasting food is cool.

Remember that person you met at a wedding who just came to eat?
Was he just interested about the biryani and chicken tikka?
Yes, we all know one of them.
And then there was your cousin who was interested in tweeting and “instagraming” the chicken tikka rather than actually
eating it.

Well, the food lovers, eat your heart out. We can’t resist that yummy butter chicken either.
And the Instagramers, you know you are keeping the calories away
On a serious note, wasting food is never cool, so next time before you take that big chicken leg piece, think again.

We meet too many  types of people at weddings. While some go for the ever awesome chocolate ice cream, others opt for the
white-as-your-soul vanilla ice cream.
So which one is your favorite?
Or do you belong to the butterscotch group?

Haven’t we all met that dancer in an Indian wedding who just owns the dance floor?
You know that he is a dance enthusiast and the aunties go around asking “why don’t you try for a dance reality show?”
And then there are the legendary naagin dancers in every wedding. You know one of them or maybe you are one of them.


We all have met that uncle whose sole purpose to attend the wedding is to gush over the fine whiskey. The one who
takes Devdas a bit too seriously.
And then there is that aunt who will judge almost all the living and non-living things present in the wedding.

Remember that guy in a wedding who told you he was from Gupta uncle’s side?
And later you came to know that you don’t have a Gupta uncle. Yes, we are talking about that guy who was there for the free food without any invitation. Nobody knows him but we still think he is from someone’s side of the family.
And then there was Mr. Popular, the guy who knows everybody in the wedding. From the bride and groom to the head chef, everyone is awestruck by that guy.

Who is more annoying according to you?
The uncle who always talks about his son and his achievements or the aunty who also had a diploma in matchmaking?

We have met that poor soul at a wedding who is there to attend the event only because he was forced. You can always
find him in a corner counting the number of hours he has to spend before going home.
We have also met that guy who is busy taking selfies and posting updates rather than actually interacting.

So the big night is finally here. It’s Hyderabadi Biryani vs Bangalore’s Bisi Bele Bath today, and we thought we will
share the sporty angle of every Indian wedding.
Confused? Well, continue reading.

One of the most popular characters in an Indian wedding is the uncle who knows where to find a guy with a 3G or 4G connection in
the wedding and ask him “score kya hua hai?”
And then there are those boys who spend sleepless nights to witness Messi’s game. Weddings on football nights are a big no-no for them and if they are polite enough to attend the wedding, you will always see them asking around “match kitne baje se hai?” so that they can plan their exit accordingly.

We all have that one mamaji who will always get the cheapest thing available at Sarojini for relative’s wedding. He believes “101 rupay ka shagun” is the best gift.
And then we have our “Amreeka wale (From America)” classy, dapper phupaji who always gets the best gifts. Relatives actually look forward to him for those awesome perfumes and gadgets.

P.S America+Indian pyaar equals to Amreeka.

Yes, we are talking about that food critic you will meet in almost every wedding. “Namak kam hai, chini zyada hai and bla bla”, we appreciate your opinion but guess what, you have come for a wedding, so enjoy it, eat your heart out, don’t
show your Sanjeev Kapoor skills and learn to appreciate the effort by the chefs.
Then we have that uncle who thinks he is the next big thing in comedy. Cracking repetitive jokes is not funny, uncle. And no you ain’t Jerry Seinfeld and certainly not Kapil Sharma.

Come on now don’t deny it. In those different types of people I forgot to mention about that girl. Yes, we are talking about “that” girl. From her Manish Malhotra lehenga to her Chanel perfume, she is the talk of the wedding. I know you all are probably jealous of her but admit it, she dressed to kill, didn’t she?

And no that’s not enough, we all have that one friend who is in a relationship with their jeans. Though, they can rock a
messy bun and look good in casuals but no my friend, you can’t wear that pair everywhere. These types of people are found at almost every indian wedding.