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They say that the way to your heart goes through your stomach. No wedding is complete without food and your guests would be anticipating a great menu after a night of fun and frolic. You obviously do not want to disappoint them on one of the most important element of a wedding. Now you can either serve the ‘typical shaadi ka khaana (and you know what the khaana consists of) or you can surprise your guests with an unconventional menu that leaves big smiles on their faces. Make them drool and compliment you on the brilliant choice of food. Here are some of the dishes that wave off from the usual Indian wedding buffet food. You can choose to keep either one or all of these items in your menu along with some staple dishes. This will make your wedding stand out and memorable for everyone part of your celebration.

Cheese and Pineapple Salad 

food menuThis salad strays away from your usual tomato, cucumber and onions. The pineapple adds the needed tanginess and cheese melts in the mouth. The combination of the two is just irresistible. Add some crackers with it and it will be a salad the guests will love. There is no way they can pass on this before starting their meal. 

Tandoori Paneer Cups

food menuTandoori Paneer might be a common dish but when it comes to presenting it in such cups, it looks like a great pick. While attending the wedding functions, having a snack in something so handy while preventing dirty fingers is vital. These Tandoori Paneer cups do exactly that! Do add this in your snack menu, paneer is loved by everyone…

Chatpati Taco Chaat

food menu. Desi and firangi put together… do I say more? Topped with a modern chaatA great mix of kurkura! Perfection- crispy tiny taco shell with chaat filling and masala topping. Yum, if my mouth is watering here, imagine how tempted your guests will be to have this? This deserves to be on your menu. 

Palak Paneer Pulav

food menu

ou can either have Ypulav and palak paneer as separate mainstream dishes or have this masterpiece of a dish called palak paneer pulav! WOW, whoever invented this deserves a hat off. Give your guests something different to eat and they will be very pleased. 

Chicken Saag

food menu

? I got to love this. I mean if I were at a wedding and got this, I would drool and so will your guests I am sure. If there is one non-veg dish that needs to be included in your menu. Saag and Chicken combinedFor non-vegetarian lovers, this Chicken Saag is as good as it gets. Its a luxury dish with a homely touch and will be greatly enjoyed. 

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Dahi Kofta

food menuA variation on the usual veg/paneer kofta. Just better and tastier! These dahi koftas melt in your mouth than none other and the gravy! Just look at it! Do not miss the opportunity to give a little twist to your wedding food menu with these lavish dahi koftas.

Paneer Pizza Naan 

food menu

Another brilliant combination of modern desi food. Pizza on a naan. You get the crispy thin goodness of the naan with the international flavors of a pizza. The best part is you can choose whatever toppings you want on it and offer a wide variety to your guests. They are sure to love this bread treat. 

Motichoor Rabri Parfait

food menucan change everything! The two most loved sweet things- presentations and great combinations Let’s talk desserts, shall we? Just like I said earlier, motichoor and rabri when combined together as a parfait will win your guests over again and again and again. Its beautiful and sure to be fingerlickin good. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these tiny cups full of happiness.

Gajar ka Halwa and Coconut Truffle Balls

food menuLaddoos are great but why not try a mixed ball of truffle. Made of the most popular flavors of gajar ka halwa and coconut. Surprise your guests and their taste buds with these little scrumptious delights. They are sure to be appreciated by everyone.

Gulabjamun Trifle

food menuHMMMMMMMM. Just leaves me speechless. Layers and layers of goodness. Just so much goodness. Can a thing like this even exist or am I SWEET dreaming. Ah! You have got to have this trifle on your wedding food menu. I mean alls well that ends well right? so why not leave the guests with this dessert that will just wow them! 

Roller Kulfi 

food menu

Kulfi is undeniably the cold sweet treat that everyone roots for at a wedding. This roller kulfi (personally tried by me so I can vouch for it) is something that will interest your guests. It is a big giant rolling kulfi, which attracts attention and then the kulfi is scraped out right in your bowl. It is a creamy cold nice kulfi- simply YUM! definitely will be the main attraction at the dessert bar.  

Fire Paan

food menu

A very memorable part of a dish is the theater of it. The way this very simple paan  presented by topping it with fire and slid right into your mouth is amazing. This is a great mouth freshener and variation to the simple paan. Your guests are sure to leave with laughs as they move out with a fiery paan in their mouth.

Your wedding food menu deserved to stand out just as much as you do. Include these dishes and I am sure that will happen. Change is always good and with food it is guaranteed to work. I hope these suggestions help you out to make the perfect food decisions. Goodluck!  



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  • Hemanth Kumar KondetiJune 29, 2016 at 9:18 am

    hello, there is also a saying that the guests would actually judge by the taste of the food, not even by the grandeur of wedding. haha. Anyway, this information from the post is a must follow for everyone.

    Nice quote, “Way to your heart goes through your stomach”. I would like to suggest this post to everybody who has this idea of making the food as delicious as memorable.

    And the way the food items are depicted……I am already irresistible to taste. Thank You for such a brilliant post.

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