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The Fashion Week Spring Runways each year sets forth alluring trends in the world fashion league. This year is no different, we have summed up for you the season picking up the best from each genre. The show unshackles the trends set by all the leading designers globally right from Gucci to Tommy Hilfiger to Prada to Pucci. This year we saw;

Fashion Week Spring Runways striking stripe:

Of the many down the ramp, this one’s sure to make a mark in the Indian scene. The thick or thin, in monochrome or in multi shades, horizontal or vertical, stripes are always the show stealer. Teamed with a crop top it’s sheerly arresting.

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Emporio Armani

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Tommy Hilfiger:

Wafty shoulders:

The year was marked with designers puffing up some extra volume on the shoulders, all to leave us jaw-dropping and in to bestow dead-drop beauty in sync with the ever-blazing tormenting Sun.

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Christian Dior

Fashion Week Spring Runways


Fashion Week Spring Runways


Metallic Silvery Sparkle

Every cloud has one. But even our stately runaway week so full with resplendence did not for even once forget the stately charm of the metallic sparkle. Simplest of designs can be the show stealer in this metallic hue. And it came out astoundingly well in all form- be silk- or glass. And since glasses are making roundabouts in the Indian couture too and have an innate native feel to it, here’s one from the Runaway. A more innovative one- with glasses broken!

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Fashion Week Spring Runways


Shine and Spark

Flicker of shimmer and gloss never appeared this stately and classy as in Spring 2016. I was spellbound by the perfect and controlled use of sparkle and this is what makes Couture Spring 16 one of the most awaited fashion weeks of the year globally.

Fashion Week Spring Runways


Fashion Week Spring Runways

Marc Jacobs


While browsing Runaway’s gallery, I was stunned with the showcase of die patterns. So Indian!!

Fashion Week Spring Runways


Fashion Week Spring Runways


Shoulder show

Along with pump shoulders, the season also saw a whole number of shoulder-bare attires- sensuous and ravishing- sums it up all, like in these:

Fashion Week Spring Runways


Flush of Feminism

The designers showcased the aura of the blissful rosy blush of feminity in colors unruffled and placid. These ones stole the show:

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Alexander McQueen

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Tory Burch

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Couldn’t just take my eyes off from this one’s exquisiteness

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Sensuous Sensation

The year at Spring 2016 also witnessed couture with sensuous proportion. Lingeries for the bedroom with right cuts and fabrics, length and color and sleeves, supple satin and flowy lace the show took sensuality to another realm. A wonder buy to enthuse the sizzle of chemistry of the newly wedded couple.

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Haider Ackermann

Fashion Week Spring Runways

Saint Laurent

Old Meets New

Where the Old met the New was Couture Spring 2016. This season we say the tying of the old with the new, the retro with the contemporary. From Gucci to Marc Jacobs everyone left us gaping at the wonder of the meet of two. From colorful bows to radiant colors to shades of metal; the designers brought us quirk in every quintessential display.

Fashion Week Spring Runways


Fashion Week Spring Runways

 Dries Van 

Hope you like our compilation. Let us know your favorite pick up in the comment section.



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