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flowers for weddings

Well, anything average is just not acceptable when it comes to the big day in one’s life. ‘The best’ is the only criteria we want to be fitted in. Along with jewels and other fancy things, there is one more thing that’s very important for a wedding. We are talking about the flowers. There is something so natural about flowers that the mere presence of them spreads a kind of positivity in the environment. Not to forget, the subtle fragrance as well. Again, like other things, flowers for weddings are also available in so many variants that it becomes another reason for confusion. We have done the work a little easier for you by listing out the most beautiful flowers for weddings:


Roses, as we need not emphasize, are one of the most beautiful flowers for weddings. The variety offered with the colors also adds to the popularity of these flowers. The most loved are the red, white, yellow, and pink ones. Not only for decorations but it can also be creatively employed to beautify the bride. You can also arrange small bouquets as a thank you gift for your guests who became a part of your memorable day.  


flowers for weddings

It’s definitely the best choice for the ‘purple’ favorite persons. Orchids are light weight when compared to roses and therefore is gaining popularity day by day. While short listing flowers for weddings, take them into consideration. The Indian tradition of ‘varmala’ goes on since ages. And these flowers are perfect for the tradition as it makes it easier for the bride and groom for its light weight quality.


flowers for weddings

In Indian tradition, you can’t take marigold out of traditional occasions be it any pujas or weddings. And surely you can do some experiment with the ever-popular flower. Be innovative in the decorations and keep tradition aligned with beauty.


flowers for weddings

While choosing flowers for weddings, Carnations again come with many color options and have some sort of magical beauty within them. You can create an ombre effect in the decorations by using white and different shades of pink. If you want a darker background, go for blood-red carnations, they look classy too!


flowers for weddings

Sunflowers are surely one of the most loved flowers by all. They are big in size and beauty. Also, the color is just perfect. If your wedding theme is yellow or something that can be contrasted with yellow, you can’t get anything better than Sunflowers. Wedding tables also get an instant makeover by just a bouquet of sunflowers placed onto them.



flowers for weddings

Show some love for lilies. The beautiful flowers come in different colors and can be used to decorate your wedding venue. If you are having a Christian wedding, nothing can be better than a lilies bouquet to be carried by the bride. They are available in plain and spotted textures which you can experiment with.

Tuberose (Rajnigandha)

flowers for weddings

The scent of these flowers is just breathtaking. It’s popular for its perfumery characteristics and if you want a subtle fragrance to infuse into your wedding environment these are just beyond perfect. They are white in color and hence give you the option of pairing it up with another flower of your choice. Put rajnigandha as the string and another flower at the end to get a creative decorative look for your wedding venue. These flowers are also adorned by the bride in many parts of India as a hair accessory.


flowers for weddings

The different layers of petals make them perfect flowers for weddings. They look exotic and provide a pinch of enchantment to your venue decorations. You might like the white peonies too, for the subtle effect it gives. Try amalgamating them with other flowers, they totally compliment in mixed flower bunches too.



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