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Wedamor is a wedding planning application aimed at the overgrowing and largely unorganised wedding planning market. With the advent of technology, higher disposable incomes and a need for customized weddings on the rise, an opportunity is very evident for online wedding planners who can provide the services at a fraction of the costs which a traditional wedding planner charges.

Our team is a mix of experience and youth, which helps us to be very nimble and at the same time have a long term vision. We have clarity of the kind of a product we want to build and experience to guide us to work tirelessly towards the vision, without losing focus.

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Inter-cultural Weddings! 

With increased globalisation in the contemporary era, the trend of inter-cultural weddings has increased significantly as people from different race and ethnicities have started moving from their regional places in search of better education and job opportunities. For the sake of love, these inter-cultural love stories have to overcome countless hurdles before they finally get the green signal for taking their marriage vows.

The story doesn’t end here! The biggest hurdle is ‘the wedding’. Jumping over it becomes really difficult, as whatever happens in the wedding is etched forever in the heart of the people who became a part of it. Therefore, it becomes vital to plan the wedding systematically so that no hard feelings from either side persist after the wedding. Being from different places and following different cultures creates a great confusion while planning a inter-cultural wedding which meets the expectations at both ends. While both the families want it their way, it becomes tricky for the couple to plan a hassle free and memorable wedding. Here we have come out with some ways to get out of the problem:

Have a multicultural wedding 
Inter-cultural weddings

Take most of your situation. Make inter-cultural weddings memorable and exciting  by amalgamating both the cultures. You can try fusion food which is immensely popular these days. Mix up the music as well; songs from both your languages and cultures would be an interesting idea to go for. As it would be difficult to fulfil every ceremony from both the cultures, you can pick the most important ones by discussing it with your community and go for them. Make sure that the guests from one end are made to understand the other’s rituals and ceremonies so that they don’t feel left out.

Destination wedding

Inter-cultural weddings


Not only inter-cultural, but many couples are opting for destination weddings now a days. The concept can be very much in the favour of those planning an intercultural marriage as they won’t have to worry about choosing from the two. Instead, just pick a place of your choice, gather your favourite people, and have the most amazing wedding without any stress about the upcoming glitches. Inter-cultural weddings make perfect excuse for having destination weddings. 

Twist it
Inter-cultural weddings


This one will not only help you have an ‘out of the box’ wedding but will help both the communities come together. Just exchange each other’s cultures for the day. What we mean to say is that both the parties can wear the other’s traditional attire for the day as a way of showing love and respect. The bride and groom can do the same as well. Who said inter-cultural weddings don't have that thing? Also, help your guests understand the concept before hand and have a pretty loving wedding.

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Divide your days
inter-cultural weddings



If you are not comfortable having inter-cultural weddings at the same day, and doubt that it may go wrong. You can divide your days. You can have the wedding according to one culture and reception confirming to the other. Similarly, you can divide the other functions as well. This will keep things simple and solved. One thing to be kept in mind it that you print your invitation cards in both the languages. You can also design your card in such a way that it explains beforehand the ceremonies to be performed, so that the guests get prepared and excited to witness the ceremonies of the other culture.

Get the best of both worlds


If the rituals and ceremonies are too vast to be covered within a day or by dividing days, you can have what others don’t get. Marry the love of your life not once, but twice. You can have your wedding on two separate days according to your individual cultures. Therefore, no one will get to complain that this wasn’t done or that wasn’t proper and all those stressful reviews. Also, looking for a more celebrated reason for the same, you will get the best of both worlds! Inter-cultural weddings have their own perks, agreed? 

At the end of the day, remember that it is ‘your day’. Do not strain yourself too much for making others happy. Make it a point that the day is happy and memorable for both of you. People who love you will anyways be a part of your happy day and will shower loads of blessings and love your way!

Happy Wedding!





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