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Indian Bride Accessories Checklist

On her wedding day, the bride is the centre of attraction. This means that the people notice every minute detail about her. Be it her dress, her jewellery, her makeup, or her mehendi among others. Weddings being stressful events can cause chaos if not planned for. After the selection of one of the most important choice – the wedding dress, it is essential to get the matching accessories.

Every bride’s dream is to look the best at her wedding day, which she cannot pull in the dress alone. Hindu traditions prescribe the Solah Shringar or 16 adornments for the Indian bride to achieve the most exquisite and feminine look. And accessories are a must to make a statement. So here is an Indian Bride Accessories Checklist, so you prepare for the most important day of your life in style.

Indian Bride Accessories Checklist

Prepare for the most important day of your life with this Indian bride accessories checklist:


Indian Bride Accessories Checklist

(Image Source – Pinterest)

Since most of the attention is given to the shoes for engagement or reception, this one is overlooked by many. However, these should be given equal focus since they need to be comfortable. The wedding day will have the bride on her feet for hours and thus the shoes must not be over two inch heels.


Indian Bride Accessories Checklist

(Image Source – Maharaniweddings)

The aim is to look gorgeous and not like a clown, so it is important to keep the colours scheme to a minimum. The makeup should match the outfit and it’s advised to avoid DIY for the day. Hire a makeup artist who knows how to give you the subtle, elegant look.


Indian Bride Accessories Checklist

(Image Source – strandofsilk)

Coordinate your jewellery along with your outfit. This is the definition of the bridal look. If you sync too much jewellery with a heavily embroidered lehenga, you’re sure to look extra. Jewellery includes earrings, mang tika, bindi, nose ring, necklace, and if required, arm and waist bands.

Hand and Feet Accessories

Indian Bride Accessories Checklist

(Image Source – Depositphotos)

Anklets, and rings that go along with your jewellery and mehendi/Alta to make your hands look stunning too. Also, apply nail polish that matches your attire.


Indian Bride Accessories Checklist

(Image Source – Maharaniweddings)

And of course, a small clutch to complete your beautiful attire. This has all the essentials for the big day inclusive of touch-up kit, tissues, lipstick, liner, and your phone.

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