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The Autumn/winter 2017 Campaign by Anita Dongre is as beautiful as they come. Inspired heavily by the Bishnoi tribe of Jodhpur, the collection features beautifully handcrafted Gota Patti (which is the signature craft for Anita Dongre creations) hand embroidery on rich silks. It’s unique interpretation of the Khejri trees and love for nature truly brings out all the solemnly flavoured textures and hues that this collection proudly presents.

More About Anita Dongre’s Collection

Source: News18

Just in case you don’t know the history of the Bishnoi tribe, it is said that Amrita and her friends were part of the Bishnoi tribe of Jodhpur that was attached to the Khejri trees and immensely worshipped them too. One day, she encountered the Maharaja’s (king) men and they were about to cut down the trees. On seeing this, Amrita and her friends wrapped their arms around the trees and hugged them with pure love for them and in an attempt to save them. But the men were relentless in their pursuit and took the innocent lives of Amrita and her friends. Then, on learning the importance and compassion the villagers had for the Khejri trees, the Maharaja changed his decision to not use the trees for timber. To this day, the people of the Bishnoi community continue to protect plants and animals in honour of Amrita. Hence, this collection is ‘a beautiful ode to the tale of Amrita’s bravery and love’.

Her inspiration, when asked, was as follows, Influenced by my childhood years, most of which I spent in Rajasthan, there was this bohemian spirit in me, along with colourful, vibrant Indian patterns and designs that were waiting to be created.’

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Anita Dongre has also been featured in Google’s official list of Top Searches for 2016, a great influence of which has also been the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who wore an Anita Dongre dress on her Royal tour of India. She has been favoured by a lot of A-list celebrities too, with Mira Rajput choosing her sunshine yellow brocade lehenga paired with a peach gotta patti choli and a matching net dupatta.

To top it all, they’re also planting a forest of 25,000 trees in the Bassi wildlife sanctuary in association with Grow trees. You can take part too in this, with every purchase you make from this collection, they will plant a tree in the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary in your name, to honour the original tree huggers. Now isn’t that something?

Keep scrolling to witness this collection that is inspired by nature in every inch…

Anita Dongre

As it reads on the official account of Anita Dongre, ‘Infused with intricate zardozi and gota patti embroidery handcrafted by our skilled artisans on a light pink rich silk fabric, revel in the beauty of nature through motifs and patterns of trees of Rajasthan all through our signature gotta patti work.’

“A deep hue of ink blue accented with our signature gota patti embroidery and intricate zardozi work highlight this lehenga choli. Fully embroidered, it is strong and quite regal—perfect to match the wedding day majestic vibe. Our #TreeOfLove Winter ’17 collection is a beautiful interpretation of the lush Khejri trees of Rajasthan with blooming flowers and chirping birds onto rich silk. Celebrate the beauty of nature with this lehenga suffused with a distinctive pattern of the Khejri trees of Rajasthan. Augment the look of this traditional ensemble with a Chaand maang tikka and a gold-plated chain earring from Anita Dongre pink that falls beautifully at the back of the ear.”


This immensely beautiful lehenga reads, ‘Our minimalistic gold maang tikka and floral ring studded with a contrasting precious stone from Anita Dongre pink city beautifully compliments our fully embroidered lehenga choli and creates a traditional look that epitomises sheer royalty. ‘

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Anita Dongre

Source: News18

Anita Dongre


All image courtesy: Anita Dongre’s Instagram

All there’s left to do now is wait for more heart-throbbing pieces of art by Anita Dongre and be prepared to fall in love. And it goes without saying that we were deeply bewitched by the beautifully handcrafted details; the Bishnoi history is something we should all be familiar with and should be taking a great pride in telling the story of Amrita and her friends. Anita Dongre just infused that with her collection and we couldn’t be happier. What about you? Let us know in the comments.



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