Introduce Your Partner

Tips to follow when introducing your partner to your family

The Issue

Wondering how to introduce your partner to your family? What if they think he/she  is too flamboyant or too restrained? Will they accept him/her ? If not what do you have to do in order to convince them? These are the questions that need to be answered. Deciding the right time to introduce your partner can be tricky and you need to be adept for it.  

Introduce Your Partner

While you are amused by the feeling of love and excited about the fact that finally, the love of your life is going to meet your eternal love, family. You are also dubious, as you think about your family members and all  the lessons you have been given in the past about everything. No matter how mature we get, we somehow still go back to our childhood roles and need the approval of family in almost everything.



So coming back to the million dollar question, what do you do to get the approval of your family? Introducing your partner can be tricky. Here are some ideas that might help you out in getting the approval.

The Dos and the Don’ts.

  • Don’t surprise your family by introducing your partner out of the blue. Take some time out of your busy schedule to call your parents and make an announcement. Set a date to meet, preferably in holidays.

Introduce Your Partner

  •  Don’t lie about your partner. Imagine the embarrassment if your lie is caught during the meeting. It will ensure your partner’s ticket back his home. Obviously, you would not want that.

          Introduce Your Partner

  •  When the question of where to stay arises, you might want to switch to a hotel instead of your home. This will help disintegrate any potential awkward late night/early morning scenarios between you, your partner and your family.

Introduce Your Partner

  • Decide the place you’re going to meet beforehand. I would advise you to meet in an environment your family is familiar with, mostly home would be the aptest place for the meeting to take place. Make sure that no unnecessary relatives are present during this meeting. Introducing your partner is too important of an event for the conflicting relatives to attend.

Introduce Your Partner

  • Give your partner some insight to the way your family works, so that your partner isn’t flabbergasted by your Dad’s weird sense of humour and prevent him from making any jokes that could lead to an awkward moment.

Introduce Your Partner

  • Discuss the gifts and pleasantries your partner will be giving to your family beforehand. Maybe your brother is a fan of Lionel Messi and your partner gifts him a poster of Cristiano Ronaldo. Trust me, you wouldn’t want that to happen.

  • Allow your significant other some space during this time. Get off his back and let him relax as he is more nervous than you are about impressing your family. If your partner seems overwhelmed, suggest a quiet walk or go to a quiet place and have some quality lunch or dinner.

Introduce Your Partner

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Wait! It’s not over yet. Putting all your efforts is your key job. Here are some things you should definitely keep in mind after the discussion takes place.

  • The thing is after all these efforts things might or might not work out for you and your significant other. Good things tend to take time and a lot of hard work. Let your partner and your family sort out things, they both love you enough to make it work.
  • Stay steady, support each other and try to find what the problem is. Once you do find out what the issue is work on that. Remember that anyone could be unreasonable, your partner or your family. You need to analyse the situation and act accordingly.
  • After you’re done sorting everything out, arrange for another meeting. This time it will be better than the last time.

Know this, your family will be equally nervous about meeting your partner, so cut them some slack.If it did work out then well and good. If it does not work out keep trying to convince your family. Try, try until you succeed. One day they might accept as they want nothing but happiness for their child.