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What better way to commemorate your last days as a bachelorette than through a classy photoshoot? Bring in your bride squad and click some amazing shots. A bridal shower or a bachelorette party is a great time to get this done and also saves time as you needn’t organise a whole other shoot. You can even have it before or after the wedding ceremony. But if you are planning an elaborate theme or if you have a particular venue in place, make sure that you get it done at least a few weeks prior to the wedding.

To get you going, we have for you our favourite bridesmaid photoshoot ideas. 

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Dance It Out

Be sure to have a shot with swishing and twirling skirts as you dance it out to some timeless Bollywood tunes. 

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For The Foodie In You

This one is for the foodie, cafe-hopping girl squad out there. Take a photo posing with your comfort food.


Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are all the rage now, from weddings to birthday parties. They come in a lot of vivid colours and really stand out in photos. 


Keep It Casual

Cute denim shorts, blackboards with captions and balloons do make a happy frame. 

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A Bollywood Shot

For the drama lover in you, a shot with you and your squad dressed in wedding attire posing in a symmetrical formation should make the cut.


A Mirror Shot

The gang is looking lovingly at the bride and the bride’s reaction to them is also beautifully captured here. 


In A Swirl Of Skirts

This is the perfect opportunity for you to show off those gorgeous lehengas you spent all that time and money on. 

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Something Unique

A veil makes for a great prop. Just make sure that you handle it with care to avoid stains and tears. 


Flower Shower

You can never go wrong with a petal shower. Choose a colour which will well with the surrounding and also your ensemble.

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Capture The Gossip Session

One to commemorate the gazillion gossip sessions that you have had with your girls. 

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Keep It Cute

This pose never goes out of style and is something to be framed. 

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The Getting Ready Shot

These shots are simply golden. Friends and family who have travelled with the bride all her life helping her get ready as she steps into a new phase of her life has a symbolic significance.  


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Something Unique

Your gang has been the much needed extra set of arms that you required through all of the wedding hullabaloos. Be it shopping or venue booking or a shoulder to relax on when the stress gets the better of you, they have always been there, and this picture captures that emotion in a frame. 

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Say Cheers

Cheers to all the fun and the million memories made and cheers to the new adventure that you are embarking upon. 

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Chilling Out

Another popular idea is a photoshoot based on a sleepover theme with all of you chilling in your robes. You can have the robes monogrammed and take a backwards-facing shot. 

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Some Cool Props

Multi-coloured, floral decorated beach umbrellas make for some cool props add a burst of colours onto the frame.

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