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Dupattas are an integral part of the bridal couture, and you will have to wear it on various pre-wedding events too. So, you are also looking for different ways in which you can style these for the multiple functions. When it comes to dupattas, there is an endless variety of designs and multiple ways in which they can be draped. From double dupattas to loosely draped styles, we have covered all the latest styles in this article. 

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Saree Style Drape

Pleat the dupatta and wear it over the left shoulder to give the entire outfit a saree feel . If it is a thin, light dupatta with an ornate border, then you can wear it pleat it up. 

Dupatta draping style


On the other hand, for a fully worked dupatta, you can leave it floating.


A Shimmering Dupatta

To add some glam and bling to your look, choose a shimmering, sequinned dupatta in a bright colour such as this. The loosely draped style gives the outfit a very effortless and casual look while also exhibiting the dupatta flawlessly. 

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Use A Belt

A belt is a great way to hold shawls neatly in place. You can fashion a belt out of the same material as the lehenga or go for a contrasting colour. 

A model displays an enchanting blue silk pearl ethnic designer lehenga with full sleeves and belted blouse. If you want to look different then belted lehengas would be a perfect choice and you can easily hold up your dupatta with the help of a belt. (Image Source: Pic Click) #lehenga #designerlehenga #fullsleevesblouse #beltedblouse #blouse #designerblouse #ethnicwear #designerclothing #clothingdesigner #highfashion #womensclothing #fashion #fashionista #fashionblogger #fashionlover #style


Alternatively, you can choose to go for a metallic belt or something more ornate, embellished with stones and beadings. 

The Paloma Lehenga – Studio East6


Velvet Shawl

Velvet dupattas immediately take your outfit up several notches. You can wear a plain one or one which is embellished with embroidery. This is also a great idea to remain warm in winter weddings. You can also opt to go for a velvet stole for winter weddings. 

Vrisa collection


In A Contrasting Pattern

Your dupatta can be your tool to bring something different to your costume. This striped dupatta is a visual delight and gives a much-needed break from the identical blouse and lehenga. Or you can also choose a dupatta in a contrasting colour to break the monotony of the outfit. 


Drape It Like A Cape

By draping the dupatta across your shoulders, you achieve a cape look. The only downside here is that it may be a little challenging to carry it off. Ensure that it is held well in place with pins. 


Double Dupatta

Single vs double dupatta is one of the significant wardrobe choices that you have to make as a bride. There is an unmistakable traditional charm which a double dupatta style exudes. And if you have decided to go with double draping, then there are many choices within that. The rule of thumb is that the lighter dupatta is used as a veil to cover the head and the heavier one is draped across the body. Another thing to keep in mind is that the dupatta on the head is closer to your skin, so choose a colour that goes along with your skin tone. Pin the dupattas well in place so that they don’t move or get tangled with each other. 

If you are a winter bride, then you can choose a pashmina or a velvet shawl as one of your dupattas. If your lehenga is relatively simple, then make sure that one of the dupattas is intricately worked. 


You can use one of the dupattas to add a pop of colour to your ensemble. You can either choose a bright colour or a lighter shade of the rest of the outfit. 


The standard style is to use one of the dupattas as a veil. But, you can layer them up and wear both of them in a cape style. 


We hope that you found some great ideas. Let us know your favourites in the comments.