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Bridal Kanjeevarams are an integral part of the South Indian culture. Most brides wear one on their wedding day. But in recent times, they have become quite popular across the country and brides are rocking Kanjeevaramas in style. They are experimenting with new colours and pairing them with funky blouses. We have collated all the traditional and newer ways to sport a Kanjeevaram here. 

In Pastel Shades

A unique shade such as this will help you stand out amongst all the reds, blues and oranges. If you are looking to turn a few heads, then go ahead and choose something unconventional like this. 


A lot of brides of brides defer from choosing pastels as they are conceived as dull. In that case, you can go for a bright coloured saree with a pastel-coloured border and blouse. Truly the best of both worlds. 

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This blush pink colour is the bride’s favourite amongst pastels. A lot of brides are choosing this for their big day. 


If you are someone who shies away from subtle, muted shades then this is the perfect option for you. This very unusual combination of pale pink and grey is surely a head-turner. This can be used as part wear post-wedding. 

Traditional pastel blue Pink Kanjeevaram Saree . #Frugal2Fab


Go Bright & Bold

Red is the traditional colour for brides across cultures. If you are going for this colour then you will find multiple options in Kanjeevarams. You can go for a heavily worked or something simpler depending on your taste. 

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If you want a bright, cheerful option other than red, then orange is your answer. A lot of brides are now choosing orange over red. Pick a saree with motifs of your choice and pair it with temple jewellery to complete the look. 

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If you want to wear a simple and light saree on your big day, then go for a bright colour like this. The soft, buttery yellow will make you look gorgeous and radiant. 


Timeless Combinations

Red and gold are a heavenly duo and when you put them on a Kanjeevaram you have gotten yourself a bridal masterpiece. Combine this with an intricately embroidered blouse. 

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Are you looking for a simple and traditional option? Then this one is for you. The red border and blouse add a pop of colour to the beige saree. This can be easily reused. Pair it up with some temple jewellery and you are good to go. 

Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees


There is a reason this colour is called Royal Blue. It gives the bride a regal look. BY combining it with bright pink, you will look eye-popping. If you are looking for vibrant and colourful then this one is for you. 


If you want to stand out from the crowd then this one is for you. If you are someone who lives bright colour combinations, then you can pick this without any hesitation. 

Actress Sneha wearing green Kanjeevaram saree | South Indian wedding saree trends featured by top US and Indian fashion blog, Dreaming Loud: image of a green saree


Blouse Patterns

The off-shoulder blouse with the oversized puff sleeves makes the bride look like a diva. In addition, the attached belt-like portion helps hold the saree in place. 

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If you are someone who likes round necks then this is a great option for you. Combine it with puff sleeves to make it look playful. 

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A contrasting blouse with long sleeves and a round neck looks very sophisticated.

Banarasi Dupatta


Bell sleeves paired with a deep V neck looks quite glamorous and makes you look uber cool. 

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The cost of a Kanjeevaram depends on the place of purchase, the authenticity of the silk and the amount of zari work on it. These sarees stand the test of time and can be passed down across generations. We hope that we have given you some fantastic ideas through this article.