Pick the right flowers for your wedding

Tips to choose flower's which will best suit your wedding

Pick the right flowers

How to Pick the Right Flowers for Your wedding?

Picking the right flowers are an important part of your wedding ceremony. This is because flowers are the perfect medium to show the essence of love and care. We recommend you to pick the right flowers which not only make the ambience look beautiful but also has a wider implication attached to it. For instance, if you pick a rose, then it will not only make the place look beautiful, but will also smell wonderful and would stand as a symbol for love and bonding between you and your partner. They can not only be used for beautification but can also be used as offerings to the gods. Similarly, suiting your needs you can pick the right flowers as per your liking or taste.

Tips for picking up flowers which best suit your wedding:

Pick the right flowers

Finalize Your Theme

The first thing you need to do is to finalize your wedding themeFor example, if you wish to go for a traditional Indian wedding, you know you would only want the local Indian flowers such as Marigolds or Mogras. This will give you a broad idea as to which flowers you can opt for to compliment your theme.

Pick the right flowers

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Keep the Venue Location and Size in Mind

You need to choose flowers depending on the size of your venue and location areas which you need to decorate with them. Also, the choice of flowers would differ for an indoor and an outdoor venue, as some flowers cannot withstand scorching sunlight or extreme heat. Flowers look lovely and add a deft touch to your wedding décor but they get very expensive at times; especially if you have a taste for any exotic flowers, as they are not easily available. Therefore, allocating a budget to flowers is very important. Pick the right flowers

Select Flowers That Are Locally Available

In case you are having a destination wedding, make sure that the flowers you have selected are locally available. If not, you will have to make special arrangements to get them imported. This will be quite expensive so don’t forget to include it in your budget sheet!

Pick the right flowers

Choose a Reliable Vendor

Choose a reliable vendor as most of the times you just don’t get a particular colour of the flower in the market irrespective of whether it is an off-season or not. Therefore, if you have a reliable vendor he/she would find a way to get the colour of the flower and if it is not possible, they will give you the next best option. Therefore choose your vendor wisely.

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Pick the right flowers

A lot of couples although financially capable, prefer a simple beach wedding over a lavishly done wedding. For simple weddings too, picking the right flowers is important this is because the destination is beautiful and with the right flowers it would become even more beautiful and everyone will remember your wedding for a long time.

We hope you pick your best flowers and make the most of this article.



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