new beginning

She woke up and realized that it wasn’t her honeymoon suite anymore. Last night, they got back from what will be the most memorable holiday of her life. Now, the bags scattered around the room were to be unpacked. It was a new beginning. Fear bundled up at the corner of her heart as it suddenly felt too heavy. Something she kept escaping from, for a while. The wedding preparations and the excitement for the honeymoon kept her away from those thoughts for a while. But now, there was the fear, confronting her right in front of her eyes. A new place, new people, new beginning…

new beginning

“She was startled, her husband, still asleep, comfortable in his bed, his home.”

While she was still gathering herself, someone knocked at the door. She was startled, her husband, still asleep, comfortable in his bed, his home. Somehow she managed to get up, picked up her ‘dupatta’, bowed down her eyes, and opened the door. Her sister-in-law stood there, ‘It’s just me bhabhi, not your saasu maa, you don’t have to shy away’, she chuckled.

‘Get ready, everyone is waiting for you downstairs.’ she said and went back. She came back again and said in a hurry, ‘do you need anything, bhabhi?’ ‘Thank you, Garima. I don’t need anything for now.’

Another feeling of anticipation crawled throughout her body; will they criticize me for sleeping so much? What should I wear? What if they don’t like it? What if they ask me to cook? A series of questions almost made her unconscious when suddenly she could feel the loving arms of her husband embracing her. With a caring kiss on her cheek, he said ‘Good morning, love!’ For a moment, she forgot everything. But, just for a moment. She kissed back and went over to unpack her bags to get something to wear that her ‘in-laws’ will approve of. 

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new beginning

‘Anyway, we had something important to discuss.’

Downstairs, every eye followed the steps she took from upstairs. It made her stumble and she almost slipped, but there, the man of her life held her firmly. Her mother-in-law got up and accompanied her to the dining table. She said, ‘you could have worn something more comfortable, you must be tired with all the traveling’. Prachi didn’t expect that and just lowered her eyes. ‘Anyway, we had something important to discuss.’ That almost took her breath away. What will this important thing be?

‘Beta, now that we are done with all the functions and everything, would you like to join your job sometime soon?’ Prachi couldn’t believe what she just heard. Gautam had told him that his family won’t let her do a job. She realized it was a part of his jokes. Surely, he was going to pay for it, she thought.

new beginning

‘Prachi, you are a part of the family now, as much as anyone of us. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel any less. You can do anything given that it shouldn’t harm you. You might have busy schedules in the weekdays; you can sleep till late on weekends. Garima does, and for us, you are no different from her. You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to cook, I will teach you bit by bit. There is no hurry. We can tolerate a few burnt chapattis if that’s what it takes you to learn. Make yourself home, beta’, said her mother-in-law, concluding it with a kiss on her forehead.

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new beginning

It suddenly felt like home. Those were not just words. All the fear Prachi had about a new beginning, seemed to vanish away in an instant. After the breakfast, they all sat and talked like one happy family. Nobody could predict that it was her first day in the family.

It’s acceptance that makes happy families. A new beginning doesn’t have to be that hard if everyone makes efforts instead of expecting it from the one, who has already left every single thing in her life, to be with the love of her life and his family. For her to accept every new thing, it’s important to show a little love, to assure her that she is accepted, without chains. She will be the family if she feels like one. Show some love; embrace the new member of your family without putting up a baggage of expectations on her! 

A New Beginning…..



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