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tips for India grooms

Very few occasions are more articulately planned than a big, fat Indian marriage. Everything is planned with extreme detail. Although it is more common to see the Indian brides fretting over the pre-marriage preparations more than India grooms, the groom still has a lot to live up to. 

tips for Indian grooms

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Easy to Follow Tips For Indian Grooms

Here are a few pre-marriage preparation tips for Indian grooms that will make sure they live up to the occasion:

Choose Your Attire Wisely

Not only are India marriages a huge occasion, they are also pretty varied over different parts of India. As you move from North to South and traverse West to East, you will notice that the attire for grooms and brides change constantly. The last thing you want to be doing is wearing a Bengali marriage styled attire for a South Indian marriage. Save yourself the embarrassment and follow one of the brilliant tips for Indian grooms.

tips for Indian grooms


Whether it is the perfect Dupatta to your Sherwani or a neatly folded handkerchief in the pocket of your suit, these little details make all the difference. The perfect watch to go along with your suit or a special Jutti, whatever the accessory is, it matters. This is one of the best tips for Indian grooms and you don’t want to overlook it!

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Get a Haircut

Get a haircut, but not one day before the big day! You can go to a hair stylist and ask him for a few recommendations if you’re really adventurous. However, it is a much safer option to get your regular haircut a few days before the wedding. Most haircuts look good after a certain period of time. Make sure you’re aware of when your hair looks best, and plan the appointment with you barber accordingly.

tips for India grooms

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Get Fit

If your marriage isn’t going to motivate you to work out and shed a few kgs, nothing will. Pull a friend for the company if you must. Lose a little fat so that you make a good impression on your wedding. Control your diet, hit the gym or simply go swimming and running.

Look Your Best

You may think that looking your best is simple. Get up, shower, comb your hair, apply some cologne and you’re done. No! This requires effort weeks before the big day. Go for manicures. Apply lotions to soften your hands. Find out the facial hairstyle that suits you the most. It’s a long meticulous process that starts well before your marriage, but if you want it to be a special day, we recommend you follow this amazing tip for Indian grooms.

Plan the Honeymoon

 It’s a good idea to plan your honeymoon well in advance. You don’t want to make potential promises and find out later that you cannot take leaves from work for your honeymoon. Finalise the destination and dates and take a leave beforehand. If you plan to go abroad, it would be great to do lots of research much before the time comes and finish all the formalities.

tips for Indian grooms

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Boogie Woogie

So, you think you can dance? It’s great if you can. But don’t worry if you can’t. In a big fat Indian marriage, it is very likely that you will be required to dance, either with the bride or otherwise. No pressure! No one expects you to be Hrithik Roshan. But it won’t hurt to take a few classes, just in case.

So, if you’re about to get married soon, you may want to keep this in mind because pre-marriage preparation for Indian grooms is a whole lot more complex than it may seem. Follow our tips for Indian grooms for your preparation and be ready. Have we missed out on something? Oops! Maybe you could let us know by commenting below!



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