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Planning a wedding can be cumbersome sometimes. With so much on mind, it gets difficult to choose one from the other. Even when we adhere to something, there is so much confusion that we end up missing out on something or the other. More of it happens when you are planning the wedding venue arrangements. You need to be even more careful while planning a themed wedding. Talking of themed weddings, colour themed weddings are very popular nowadays. But most of the times, something is left out during the preparations resulting in a bit of regret. Let’s forget about the regret by planning your colour themed wedding in an organised and planned manner. Here’s the manual for how you should plan your colour themed wedding:

Colour Selection

colour themed wedding

Colour selection is very important. Choose colours that are common so that it doesn’t get difficult for you to execute your colour themed wedding the way you wanted it to. Also, uncommon colours are bound to end up with glitches. Maybe you won’t get decorations in that colour, or your guests won’t be able to follow. So, be simple when it comes to choosing colours.

Timely Inform Your Guests

colour themed wedding

It is really important that the guests are informed of your colour themed wedding on time. If they turn up in colourful dresses, the theme of your wedding will get ruined in some way. Plan it beforehand and make a humble request to show up in the respective colours. We are sure they will be sporty enough to take up your request and make your wedding party a great success.

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colour themed wedding

Choose your invitations in the same colour theme as decided for your wedding day. Don’t forget to add a gentle note announcing your wedding theme. Your guests will know how serious you are with the colour theme and will definitely make efforts to be there in relevant colours.

Your Wedding Dresses

colour themed wedding

Amidst all the hullabaloo, don’t forget that you have to follow the colour theme too. Don’t get carried away with other options you get while choosing your wedding dress. If you want to look different from the others, choose colours that contrast with the colour theme. But don’t mix it up in such a way that it looks absurd.

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colour themed wedding

The decorations definitely need to be taken care of. Give proper instructions to your decorator on how you want to decorate the venue for your colour themed wedding. If you get flowers for the chosen colours, use that type of flowers for the decorations. If flowers in that particular colour are not available, go for other designer decorations including fancy ribbons and glittery decorations.

Catering Staff

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If your caterer is other than your wedding planner, you will need to inform them as well. The staff serving there should be wearing costumes matching with the theme. The cutlery should also be in the particular colours chosen for your colour themed wedding.


colour themed wedding

If you want it to be a total success, you can also experiment with the food. Food colours can be used to match with the theme. If not all, the food on display should be in such a way that it matches with the theme. For example, the containers can be in the colour of your colour themed wedding. Drinks and cocktails can be served with the colour of your choice. That will definitely add bling to your colour themed wedding.

Wedding Cake

colour themed wedding

If you are ordering a wedding cake, which we recommend you must, it should be in the theme colours. Choose a bigger design so that everybody gets a piece. There are so many varieties available in which you can experiment with colours. You just need to make it a priority!

So, here’s the list you need to follow. Note it down on your to-do list and we are sure you will have a perfect colour themed wedding. 




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    These key points explaining the intricate requirements that one should keep in his/her mind while planning “A perfect themed wedding”! Thanks for sharing this.

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