Best Songs To Dance With Your Partner On Your Sangeet Ceremony

The first dance with your partner is definitely the most romantic one. Dancing takes away all the stress, troubles and grief. Dancing with your love and completely melting in his arms is a feeling which is out of this world. A feeling of being protected. The feeling of togetherness which is divine. Your sangeet ceremony becomes even more memorable when the bride and groom dance together on the same tune.

When the couple dances on their Sangeet ceremony..

So here are a few songs on which you can dance with the love of your life on your Sangeet ceremony

1) Pehla nasha

This song is something which defines the beauty of first love. How two people fall in love with each other and long for each other. This song sung by Udit Narayan and Sadhna Sargam from the movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is surely the perfect tune for your first dance. Although there are many versions of this song, the original one still tops the list. It is an evergreen song and will be the favourite of couples of every generation.

You can listen this evergreen song here.

And here is another beautiful version of this song sung by Jubin and Palak Mucchal.


2) Raabta

This song is definitely one of the most romantic songs ever. The true essence of love reflects in this song. Telling each other how both of them are just made for each other. This song sung by the expert of love songs himself, Arijit Singh is something that will melt your heart and will give you pure peace. This song from the movie Agent Vinod is a must go for your couple dance performance at your Sangeet ceremony.

You can listen this song here.


3) Janam Janam

This song sung by Arijit Singh tells the true meaning of love. Promising of staying by each other’s side till death parts and even after that. Vows made with pure heart are the vows that are never broken. This song from the movie Dilwale is so serene and pure and will fill you with so much love. Just take each other’s hands and promise each other of staying by each other’s side forever.

You can hear this beautiful song here.


4) Sapna Jahan

This divine song from the movie Brothers which is sung by Sonu Nigam and Neeti Mohan is my personal favourite. Sapna Jahan has the lyrics which is so so beautiful and so perfect for two people madly in love with each other. This slow song is elegantly beautiful and is a must go for your performance at your sangeet ceremony. This song will make sure you both are completely lost into each other.

You can hear this song here.

5) Soch

If you want to go the Punjabi way, this amazingly beautiful song sung by Hardy Sandhu is a go to for you. Telling your partner how much you love them, this song is the perfect way to do that. “Main tere layi duniya nu chhadeya tere layi door apne kare ve main tainu kinna chahuni aa eh gall teri soch ton pareh” which means I can leave the world for you, I can leave everything for you, I love you so much and it is beyond your understanding how much love I have got for you.

You can listen to this legendary song by Hardy Sandhu here.

So here are some beautiful songs on which you can give your first dance performance with your love on your Sangeet ceremony. It is always an amazing feeling to dance with the person you are going to spend your whole life with. It strengthens your bond.