Subtle Mandap Designs That Will Add Charm To Your Pheras – Wedamor

Weddings are an embodiment of our cultures, traditions, our upbringing, and all that we have learned since so many years of our life. They are the perfect example of showing what you and your partner believe in. From what you wear, to what venue you both choose, from the decoration you like to the kind of wedding you both want, culture steps in every time. Few couples like to keep it very simple and subtle. They like it low-key with light, pastel colors, and modern-age decor. Some opt for the traditional flower decor, symbolizing their trust in traditions.


No matter how and what you both decide to do, there are abundant options. With the wedding industry putting a big foot in the market, there are varieties of all kinds. From sober to sparkly; choose what belongs truly to both of you. With the clothes, jewelry, stage, menu, and all set up, one necessary part is the mandap. The place where the actual marriage ceremony is held holds the utmost importance. Not only is it a spiritually important setting but the place where the best candid moments are captured.

Hence, it ought to be beautiful and unique. These days as the wedding market is growing, many new mandap designs are coming out as well. Let us go through some of the subtle mandap designs that will add charm to your pheras!

Beautiful Latest Mandap Designs

The Fairytale Look


Why not give a fairytale look to your wedding with beautifully white, dazzling cloth pieces, a snowy cotton look, and pastel flowers that are dwelled all over! The wedding is not less than a day to feel like a prince and princess. Hence, you can cater to that look in your mandap setting.

Nature Inspired

If you are a nature-loving couple, put that love in your decor. Showcase your love for nature with artificial green grass, rich and authentic flowers, and even an old rustic stem look. It should speak of what you both truly love and believe in.

Glowing It Up

If you both like it all glowed up and celebratory, lights come in the picture. Put your hard work into choosing the best lamps, lanterns, fairy lights, and shimmer pieces to get a glowing mandap.

From the Golden Times

If you both want to feel like the king and queen go for the decor of good-old golden days. With beautiful chandeliers, hand-carved seating arrangements, a golden theme, and few elements of those times, you can have the look prepped up.

Celebration Vibes

You both can get good celebration vibes with traditional, bright color decorations. It can include drapes, flowers, and lights, with a heavily done mandap.

Drape It Up


The whole mandap can be made with drapes of different colors or a particular color theme. With a low draped canopy look and drapes on the side pillar, the mandap can be simple yet elegant.

Crystal Clear

If you both want to try something new, unique, and extraordinary, go for this one. A mandap made of glass, providing the utmost beauty, class, and elegance to the whole look. It might cost you a good amount of money but the result will be worth it all!

Under the Sky


Set under the evening sky, with no artificial roof, nothing could be better. So, have your mandap made under the sky, giving it a romantic modern look. For a better natural experience, you can use a tree, decorated beautifully to be your mandap roof.

Hence, there are some well-thought and unique subtle mandap designs that will add charm to your pheras. Just choose the ones that your partner and family like. Afterall, it needs to be an example of what you both truly love!