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Wedding themes are something which holds the utmost importance in planning the wedding. Today your imagination can be transformed into reality. It is quite a tedious task to decide upon a wedding theme. Your wedding theme is the base for all the other decorations. Choosing a wedding theme requires in-depth research. With this digitalization, there are various platforms available that provide you with themes all around the world. These themes vary from classics to bold that had been chosen for the special wedding day. But who in the world has time to go through numerous wedding themes on the internet?

So, here Wedamor presents to you a list of some top-notch themes from around the world that have been a super hit:

White and Gold Theme

It is one of the most favorite classic themes of all time. It has the most neutral colors white and gold which suits the entire decoration. As the decoration is done with two colors, to break the pattern flowers like roses and bougainvillea should be used. It is advisable to use the cloth decoration in ivory white and the furniture decor like chairs in metallic gold. Make sure that you keep a proper balance between white and gold so that it doesn’t look too simple or too shiny.


Vintage Theme

The vintage theme basically is all about enriching the heritage, culture, and tradition which have been going on for ages. The decoration should have pieces of antique. Colors like brown, mustard, copper along with some yellow and white will provide your vintage theme a rustic look.


Mismatched Theme

This wedding theme is about a splash of colors and let your creative juices flow. As a result, there is no particular organization of colors or decoration as such. You can use multi colors to make it lively and vibrant. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with the colors.


Bohemian Theme

When you have a beach venue for your wedding, the bohemian theme is just perfect for your destination. It has a fresh feel attached to it. You can use sea-inspired pieces like different kinds of shells for your decorations. Flowers like orchids and water lily work the best for the theme.


Celestial Theme

This theme is about an aesthetical appeal. It is all about the moon, stars, and the bright night sky which shines with glory when it is a full moon. You can use as many twinkling lights and fairy lights for the decorations. It is best suited for a nighttime wedding. Make sure that the moon is the central piece.


Fairy tale Theme

This theme is straight out of your dreams. Inspired by the princesses all over the world, choosing this theme gives you a chance to have your own fairy tale wedding. Every girl once in her life has dreamt about being a Disney princess and this theme is like a dream come true. Lanterns and fireworks play a major role in a fairy-tale-themed wedding.


Royal Theme

From being a Disney princess to being a queen, the royal theme is India’s topmost desired wedding theme. It is all about grandeur and magnificent decorations. It is one of the costliest wedding themes. This theme is best suited when the venue of the wedding is a palace or a five-star hotel. The decorations are over the top and contain colors like red, yellow, orange, and pink.


Cherry Blossoms Theme

This theme is commonly used in morning weddings. The theme is called cherry blossoms because of the usage of the cherry blossom flowers in the decoration. The decoration is a combination of white and different shades of pink. The theme portrays elegance and is splendidly soothing to eyes. This theme is favorable if you are hosting a spring wedding.


Monochrome or Greyscale Theme

Monochrome refers to one color. In other words, using shades of one color for the decoration is called a monochrome theme. The greyscale theme refers to using black and white colors for the decorations. This is theme is entirely unique and out of the box. To break the monotony of the color the outfits of the bride and the groom should be of bright colors instead of pastels. For example, with the greyscale theme, the colors which would suit them best is red and maroon.

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Woodland forest theme

This theme is inspired by nature and so the venue could be a garden, in the middle of the forest or by the lakeside. Therefore, this theme is all about greenery, flowers, and fresh vibes. And it is advisable to use this theme only in daylight because the natural light will allow you to capture breath-taking pictures.


Right out of your Favorite movie or series

Last but not the least, this theme has become popular over a period of time. Therefore, you can choose your theme based on your favorite movie or series. For instance, Phoebe’s snow wedding them from friends, Game of Thrones-inspired wedding, or Twilight movie-inspired theme.