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Shopping for your dream lehenga is not at all an easy task, it requires a lot of hard-work to go to different shops and choose the best suited lehenga for yourself. Before you select your lehenga, it is of paramount importance that you look for certain things in your lehenga. I know selecting your wedding lehenga is a hectic task , but we are there to help you out with your bridal lehenga.

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Here are some of the things you should look for in your wedding lehenga.

Blouse matters a lot

Never underestimate the importance of the blouse. Your look is decided by your blouse. It enhances the look and style of your lehenga. Make sure you choose an exquisite design and your blouse fitting is just flawless.  The blouse and dupatta are  something which will adorn your wedding pictures more than the lehenga . So, don’t make your blouse just a side piece but select the lehenga which has good blouse and dupatta with it. Pay attention to all the details of your blouse designs.



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Pick patterns according to your body size

This is important! You should wear what works best for your body. If you have a heavy personality, go for smaller embroidered patterns and not the bigger ones as they may make you appear heavier. On the other hand, if you have a slender body, opt for bold patterns which may balance your look.



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Look besides  the border of Dupatta

You find the border of your dupatta beautiful? Well, see behind the border also. The color of the fabric behind the border matter too because when you wear a dupatta,the inner facing is going to be touching your face and that will be visible in the photos. So opt for brighter colors like orange, red that may brighten your face instantly.

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Color of lehenga

The color of your lehenga sets the mood for the occasion. It is necessary to select the color of the lehenga as per the occasion. Not only that that the color of your lehenga should be according to your skin tone. You have plethora of options like maroon, pink, nudes, golden but it depends upon you what color and look you want for yourself.

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Fabric of lehenga

The fabric of your lehenga is important to consider. It should be according to the season and the kind of look you want for yourself. If it is summer time, opt for georgette and  crepe which are light fabrics. When it comes to bridal lehenga , for a royal look, opt for net or velvet.  Net and velvet are good options for night time functions


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Altering Options

I am sure you are not going to buy your lehenga 10 days before your wedding day. You need to take into account the fact that you may gain or loose weight prior to the wedding. So, leave some space for alteration. This may be difficult in case of designer wear, take that into consideration and then decide where you want to buy your lehenga from. The best thing is to try to maintain steady weight till your wedding to avoid fitting issues.


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Now that you know what to look for in your  bridal lehenga , I hope you will select the best one for you Wedding Day and nail the look with the help of the these tips.