Memories are created in every walk of life. Some memories we cherish life long and a few are not so good to be remembered for long. But every memory we create in life, we remember, we talk about the good and bad times whenever we sit with our family members and the old buddies. They never fade away. They always remain hitched in some corners of our heart and mind. And when it is the memory of the D-day of our life, there is no chance we can let it be forgotten.


These days there are so many wedding photographers, enhanced technologies, and techniques to get pictures of each wedding ceremony, the rituals, the people, the fun, food, and drinks, covering every aspect in the most beautiful way. The bride and the groom might opt for a pre-wedding shoot, family interviews, special family videos, highlights of all the functions, and a lot more. So as this industry is getting bigger with each passing season, there are a few new photography poses that have come in the trend. These help to give a unique touch to your wedding album and create memories that are loved by all.

So, here are some thumping wedding photography poses for couples to give a perfect touch to your wedding album.

The Wedding Photography Couple Poses

Frame It Up

The use of beautiful carved big frames to get your perfect frame photographed is the new in-thing.

Show your Love


Show your love to your partner with a forehead or cheek kiss, an intimate seating, or a romantic dance move pose.


You can use accessories in your wedding photography pose like umbrellas, a decorated cloth like a roof on top. You can also take photos on a decorated swing, a decorated car, or a bicycle with a touch of fun element.


Pamper your partner with feeding each other something or adjusting each other’s accessories.

Some Drama

Add some fun to your photos with dramatic poses.

The Cool Couple

The cool couple can win hearts with a dab, use of colorful shades, placards, etc.

The Blurred Effect

Capturing the couple with something else in front focus like the bride’s Mehendi, their wedding placard, etc. gives a beautiful setting for a wedding photo.

Holding Her Lovingly


Hold her in your arms, from behind, or hold each other’s hand for a beautiful and romantic picture.

The Royal Look


Getting the wedding photography done with a royal or vintage background can give your wedding album an elegant and classy look.

One with your Pet

How can you forget your loving fur animals during your photo-shoot?

Capture the Vidai Moment

The final and most emotional moment needs to be captured beautifully, even while you meet your family, or while entering the car, it is a must-have.

Eye Contacts


Get photos clicked while you both have a romantic eye contact to express your love or a lovely laughter.

The Grand Entrance

The entrance of the bride and the groom is always special. And when it is grand with fireworks and lights, capturing the moment is a must-have.

The Bollywood Style

Add some quirky style and drama with Bollywood proposal, dance moves, or imitating your favorite movie scene photos.

With your Best Friends


How can you forget your best friends, the constant support of your lives? So,get one with them too.

So, here are some thumping wedding photography poses for couples to give a perfect touch to your wedding album, with a pinch of fun elements and accessories. It depends on how you want your special day album to look like. If you want it classy, go for shoots at royal locations or natural surroundings. If you want it fun and quirky, use accessories.

Try the pose that suits both of you and helps to represent the kind of bond you both have!