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With so many moving parts to planning a wedding, it can be less overwhelming to look to Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards, and other people’s weddings for ideas and inspiration for your own. And while there’s no doubt that you can find some amazing and beautiful ideas to incorporate into your celebration, it’s also worth adding unique touches and personal details that tell your love story.

Photo by AMISH THAKKAR on Unsplash

If you’re striving to find ways to personalize your wedding, but coming up short, don’t worry. I’ve rounded up some of the best ideas so that you and your partner can enjoy a wedding that truly feels like it’s from the heart. 

First and foremost, start with what’s important to you and your fiance. Instead of jumping straight into booking venues and vendors, think about the essential things you want to include in your wedding. Take your time. 

It can also be a huge help to hire a professional wedding planner, especially if you hope to have a destination wedding. A Cabo wedding planner, for example, can help you navigate the destination planning process and help you put your personal touch on the big day. Wedding planners are experts at creating events that look and feel like the people they are planning for. 

#Hashtag Your Wedding

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If you don’t mind people using their phones during your wedding, then creating a personalized hashtag is a creative way for social media mavens to take their wedding beyond their location. Not only are they fun to create, but they also make it easy for couples to find their wedding photos online. When creating a wedding hashtag, keep it simple and capitalize each word for easy readability. Peruse the internet for inspiration or head to a wedding hashtag generator to play with names and words.  

Send Meaningful Invitations

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Wedding stationery isn’t just pretty paper and ink. Invitations are where the event begins in your guests’ minds, so putting a personal spin on the design is a great way to personalize your wedding. 

Aside from considering which colors and fonts to use, think about ways you can express yourselves and your love story through the design. How can you show what’s important to you as a couple? That might mean hiring someone to hand paint the two of you on the front of the save-the-date card or include a painting of your venue on the wedding invitation. 

Choose a Memorable Venue

Esperanza Resort Cabo San Lucas

Picking your wedding venue may be one of the most important decisions you make during the planning process. Your venue will act as the setting for your big day, so of course, you’ll want to make sure it’s somewhere memorable. 

It should also provide plenty of opportunities to make it your own. This is to say that the venue you have your eye on maybe what’s trending, but if it doesn’t allow you to personalize it in a way that’s meaningful, then it’s probably not worth booking.

Take the Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas for instance. This gorgeous venue offers numerous spots that you can work with to make them your own personal paradises, all with a beautiful ocean backdrop!

Share Your Vows

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What better way to personalize the wedding ceremony or reception than by showcasing your wedding vows? If you’ve written your own, have them printed on an aisle runner or use them as a ceremony backdrop. You could also write bits and pieces on mirrors to use as decor or on napkins, banners, or even on the cake. 

Personalized Wedding Programs

“Fan Wedding Program” by Sarah Parrott is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Since the wedding programs are meant for your guests, make them fun to read with a few personal touches. Include your love story within its pages, funny mad libs or word search, a little bio about each person in the wedding party, or fun facts. You could even make the program double as a fan if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding. 

Secret Personalizations

“string of hearts” by jude hill is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Not every part of your wedding has to be on display. You can have a few personalizations that only you and your fiance know about, like a thumbprint ring, a “something blue” stitched into the wedding gown, or a love message sewn into the groom’s suit.  

Display Cherished Photos

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Bring a little of the past to your special day by displaying childhood photos of you and your fiance or set up a table of family wedding photos to pay tribute to all the love that came before. To honor loved ones who have passed away, attach photo charms to the bridal bouquet or place a photo of the loved one in a chair at the ceremony.

Table Numbers with a Twist

“Table 4”
by MjZ Photography is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


To put a personal spin on your table numbers, add quotes, lyrics, poetry, etc. from your favorite books, music, and movies. Or add fun facts about you and your fiancee, like where you met your first date, and funny tidbits to get guests smiling. 


Custom Wedding Favors

“wedding favors”
by sweetjessie is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

There are so many ways to get creative with the wedding favors and put a personal spin on them. You can personalize the packages with monogrammed labels, put your faces on M&Ms, bake mini pies and include the recipe with them, or create your very own wedding soundtrack by uploading your favorite love songs to a USB drive.   

Whether you want to personalize most of your wedding or little bits here and there, think about the overall picture and how you want to express you and your fiance’s personalities and relationship with each other. It’s your love story and it can be showcased in any way that makes your hearts sing!