A wedding day is the most important and beautiful day in any person’s life, but the world knows it holds a special place in the life of the bride. But before the couple finally ties a knot there are several other functions and rituals which take place. Some weddings might go on for six to seven days.

As these functions can be fun and amusing, they sometimes lead to fatigue and exhaustion which are the main reasons for stress. There are various reasons due to which there might be stress and anxiety before your wedding day. These include lack of sleep, emotional imbalance, hormonal imbalance, food habits, and the list goes on. To ensure that you are fresh as a Monday morning on your wonderful wedding day, here are some easy tips to catch on:

Sleep matters

Amid all the functions and celebrations going on before the wedding, ensure that you have an adequate amount of sleep every day. If the possibility of adequate sleep is less, you have to make sure that you get your proper beauty sleep before the wedding day. This will help you to stay focus and achieve the perfection that you desire.


To-Do List

Before going to sleep, make a to-do list of everything you would need for your big day tomorrow. If the wedding is organized by the planner, have a chat with them to the updates. If the wedding is planned by you, have a conversation with your family members to check everything is in place. This will give you the certainty that tomorrow is going to be the best.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

For a bride, the wedding is a roller coaster of emotions. So it is very much necessary to have your friends around to lighten your mood and scare away the cold feet that you might get. Having your close ones with you on your wedding day is the biggest blessing you could have.


Don’t stay Hangry

Hangry is a millennial word where you become angry because you are hungry. So make sure that you have good food and mostly the food you like. Enjoy the buffet at your wedding, amongst the function do not forget to enjoy the delicious food at your wedding.


Music is the key to calmness

Play your favorite songs, laugh your heart out and dance with your friends and family, you will forget the slightest bit of your cold feet.

Think about your better half

There might be a moment where a thought might cross your mind, ‘whether I am ready for this, what if I am not?’ In this moment of self-doubt think about your better half, relive your journey and think about your bright future.


Pamper yourself

Yes, it is your wedding, and people around you will pamper you but it is essential to pamper yourself. Put a face mask and have a glass of wine and celebrate self-love.


Time management

Before walking down that aisle, make sure you have enough time in your hand to get ready, put on makeup, and fix any problem which might arise on the spot.

Smile and spread positivity

Those people around you might also be going through some stress and they will be worried if the beautiful smile on your face is missing. That is why you need to smile often and create a positive environment around yourself.


Miscellaneous things

You can use calming scents, essentials oils, and fresh flowers to lift your mood. If the stress is not lowering even after sharing things with your close ones, have a heart to heart conversation with your partner because no one in the world understands you better than him/her.

There are two types of possibilities that might occur on your wedding day. There will be situations which you can control, so instead of stressing try finding a solution and there will be situations which you can’t control so instead of stressing on that just enjoy the moment. Everyone around you will try to bring a smile on your face but it is your inner happiness which will help you to cope up with the wedding stress. So concentrate on inner peace and enjoy the present.