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Weddings are the biggest celebration in any family. There are all shades of colors and happiness in  Indian  weddings – the vibrant flowers, glittering lights, the pleasant aroma of Indian cuisines and how can one forget the glamorous sangeet night.

One of the most captivating part of an Indian wedding is the action-packed Sangeet Night. .  The joy it brings and the memories one makes is what makes a marriage unforgettable and the whole experience aesthetic all together This is one event which puts the two families into a virtual world war in competing with each other It is the effect of the songs that creates half the magic and sets the mood for the non-dancers to tap their feet too.  It is that day of your life which will create some enchanting moments for you to relish forever!!!.Selecting the best Sangeet song to dance on your sangeet night, is important but at the same time a little cumbersome. But don’t you worry because we are here to help you out!

We have come up with the most splendid Bollywood songs of all time to keep everybody’s spirits up and taping their feet; and these are not just any songs, I am sure when you will go down the list you’ll hum them along too.

Top Bollywood songs for a perfect Sangeet night :

  1. Sweety tera Drama

Best Sangeet Songs

A peppy and sprightly song for a perfect and best Sangeet night. The song is a perfect mix of salt and sweet kind of relationship. You can have multiple couples performing it for the bride.

  1. Morni Banke

This is one of the best punjabi  hits to dance on for your sangeet night. The song has some amazing beats that can set the mood right. It connects perfectly with the occasion, so just hear out the song and burn the dance floor with your latke jhatke.

  1. Punjabi Wedding song

This dance number is the song of the season. Filled with the Punjabi tadka and suitable for a big fat Indian wedding sangeet night. You will groove to its music without any prepared dance steps too. So just go for it and sprinkle your magic along with the thumkas.

  1. Chittiyan Kalaiyan

All the girls have been crazy for this song ever since it released. It’s a song that everyone has on their playlist for the sangeet night. Totally relatable to the women desires and has all expressions of friendship, bonding, relationship and fun.

  1. Cutie pie


Another one of the madness defining songs. It’s like the song draws you to the dance floor and you just can’t hold yourself. All the chachi’s and mami’s can perform on this one as a love note to the beautiful couple.

  1. Nashe se chadh gai

Best Sangeet Songs

This cool funky song can make one of the for all the cocktail lover uncle’s in the family. No need to master any steps or coordination. The typical hook steps comes out on its own when you sing along with the music.

  1. Mere yaar ki shaadi hai

Best Sangeet Songs

Indeed, a family and a best sangeet song. The song is played by the band troop as well. Both the groom’s and the bride’s side can join together and perform a finale kind of thing for their favourite couple.


8.Tenu leke mai jawanga


This song resonates well between the couple, typically a song of the wedding. You just can’t sit this one out. One dance by the groom on this song and guaranteed the crowd is going to go all ‘aww’ on you .

9. London Thumakda


Best Sangeet Songs

This perfectly tuned and rhythmic song is best suited for your sangeet night. It is one of the most exquisite song to perform on.  The song is best suited for your girl gang to perform on and the song will completely leave you rejuvenated.


10. Gallan Goodiyan

Best Sangeet Songs

 This song certainly has  to be the finale performance for the entire clan especially the elders in the family . This  song is fun to perform and has easy signature steps ( thumka steps, hand wave etc) for the non dancers to also break a leg.


So what are you people waiting for? Unleash your madness, inject the atmosphere with excitement and dance your sangeet night away with these classic, evergreen bollywood songs for a splendid Sangeet night!