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The Wedding Season is the most exciting time of them all! Everyone is rejoicing over two families coming together as one. There’s a good vibe going around, flow of ideas on how to plan the wedding and even collaborations. During this time, you must get all the information and all the ideas you can get so that you plan the most perfect wedding ever! The first and foremost step is checking bridal collections and the best place for those are magazines.

Wedding Magazines are the most authentic and unique ideas that are presented and the perfect place to check for innovative creations. This article aims at providing the Top 10 Wedding Magazines that will help you ease out this process.

Starting with Indian Magazines, we have,

Femina Wedding Times

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Femina is an incredibly popular magazine that follows the latest trends and has the all-new updates! This wedding magazine not only focuses on brides but also grooms. You will find everything here, nose rings to wedding outfits to suits and shoes for grooms. Due to all this and the exposure this magazine provides, “Femina Wedding Times,” is known as one of the top magazines in India for Weddings. 

Wedding Vows

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This magazine is for the brides who are looking for a South-Indian Wedding. This magazine provides snippets from Bollywood along with an authentic and stylish pairing of accessories with outfits. Wedding Vows also features various couples in their weekly edition, how they met, cute proposals and more such stories. They also have information about Honeymoons, Wedding Planning, Bridal Looks and more!

Harper’s Bazaar Bride

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It features trendy, shiny and bold edgy ideas. This magazine is influential for brides as well as grooms with charismatic designs. With add-ons like ‘When Art Weds Fashion,’ they tend to set extraordinary retro vintage trends. If you want to be fashionable while also making a bold, classy and unique statement, this is the one for you! 

Brides Today

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This is a complete bridal magazine for you, in case you are looking for recent gossip and trends! This magazine focuses primely on recent marriages, ceremonies and has the upcoming designs by famous designers! It is a complete one-stop spot for brides. 

Wedding Sutra

This magazine has everything you think you are looking for, and even the things you didn’t know you would love. From tips for brides, inspirations for grooms, destination weddings, personal blog snippets, bridal inspirations from all over the world. It is a guarantee that this magazine will leave you wanting for more. 

Moving forward with International Magazines,

Premier Bride

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Premier Brides considers itself as your local wedding resource. From choosing the perfect outfit to matching footwear and accessories, this magazine has your back. It also has various galleries of destinations for weddings along with rings, wedding cakes, invites and more! 

Wedding Style

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Considered as one of the most luxurious and grand magazines for Wedding, Wedding Style is the perfect magazine in case you are looking for a sophisticated and luxurious wedding. They are equipped with a fashion section in the magazine which features designers from all over the world. 

The Knot

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This magazine guides you for everything you need to make your dream wedding come true. They will help you create a checklist for everything as well as a timeline for how things should move further for your wedding, breaking down the processes one by one. This magazine is best accompanied along with a wedding planner. 

Brides Magazine

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This bridal magazine is the best for checking out the latest styles, fashion, and trends. It features various celebrities and tidbits of information about their weddings which may serve as a guide for yours!

Inside Weddings

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As the name suggests, this magazine is an insider guide to plan your perfect wedding. It features galleries of previous weddings and lookbooks. This magazine also has various sections containing information on vendors, cakes, bouquets and everything else you are looking for!