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Destination wedding has become a new trend in the lifestyle for the people. Who doesn’t wants a perfect getaway with their families and friends? I guess, everbody! It is a new thing in India but has become everybody’s choice to have a soothing holiday type wedding. We all know, that India is very rich in places which are beautiful and exotic. Hence, there are many places that may confuse a person regarding the organization of the event and we may not be able to cover them but we surely will list the top 5 exotic places to have a perfect getaway wedding.

Top 5 Spots For Destination Wedding

Here is a list of places which can help you to choose amongst them a perfect destination for your wedding:

1. Udaipur

Udaipur is a beautiful city with lakes, and majestic palaces. It is also called the “city of lakes”. It is truly acceptable as one of the most exotic place to carry on a destination wedding. If you want a royal wedding, you should definitely consider Udaipur as the option on the the first place. The main attraction of Udaipur are the majestic palaces and forts which cannot be found anywhere else. For a grand tour wedding, Udaipur is the most loved choice. The finest place in Udaipur is the Jag Mandir Palace and the Oberoi Fort.

2. Goa

On the beach? Yeah! Goa is one of the most exotic place in India to have an enormous and fun beach wedding. How beautiful it is to celebrate your big day on the sand near splashes of water. Having a traditional wedding with all the halls and buffet is a cliché but the real thrill isto try something new. It has become one of the trendiest places to host a destination wedding. It has a great environment with greenery, old churches and exotic beaches. Goa should definitely be on the list while choosing the best spot for a destination wedding.

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3. Agra

The epitome of love, “Taj Mahal”  is the perfect place to get married to the love of your life. It is a little bit clichéd but still considered to be the most romantic place to have a marriage ceremony. Agra is also rich in grand hotels where a marriage ceremony can take place. This city is loved for it’s Lucknowi traditions which are indeed very beautiful. The food, the places, even the tehzeeb and adab are the things which win many hearts.

4. Shimla

Majorly the city known for the after marriage trips but still it can be considered as one of the most beautiful places to have a destination wedding. The city is covered by The Himalayas giving the wedding a mountain backdrop. It is indeed a splendid feeling to get married in a slightly cold atmosphere with all the mountains and hills. It is also a kind of perfect get together or a family trip celebrated with a occasion.

5. Lavassa

Located near the city of Pune, this is one of the most underrated place when it comes to destination wedding. But when it comes to beauty, it surely win many hearts. It is said to be the first hill station which gives a sense of being in Italy. It has lakes, waterfalls, mountains and what not. It has a splendid view for the photoshoot and a soothing environment to have a destination wedding with your family and close friends. This place is slightly away from the city nd is definitely an emerging place to be in the list of destination weddings.

So, I hope you all might get a perfect idea from the above stated list. I know, the choice is tough but these places are totally worth it.