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Top 6 Wedding Venues in Kerala that You’ll Love! – Wedamor

Kerala – the city of God –is really a beautiful nature masterpiece. Destination weddings in Kerala have been rising at a rapid speed, considering the mesmerizing views which different wedding venues have to deliver. This article is for you if you are searching for a wedding venue in Kerala because we have compiled the top […]

Top Luxury Wedding Venues In Mumbai – Wedamor

Hosting the weddings is indeed a tough task. It requires time, money and patience. The toughest job of hosting a wedding ceremony is the step of choosing the venue. Mumbai, the trendiest place in India is situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is the city which is surrounded by many water bodies and is […]

Top 5 Spots For Destination Wedding – Wedamor

Destination wedding has become a new trend in the lifestyle for the people. Who doesn’t wants a perfect getaway with their families and friends? I guess, everbody! It is a new thing in India but has become everybody’s choice to have a soothing holiday type wedding. We all know, that India is very rich in […]

Surprise Your Groom on Your Wedding Day – Wedamor

It’s wedding day, and he’s more than what you could ever ask for, so why not return his love and surprise your groom, and sweep him off his feet as he did to you. Here are some amazing ways to surprise your Groom on your wedding day. 1. Unforgettable First look Let him be the […]

How to choose an engagement ring – Wedamor Inspiration

Engagement Ring: Engagement rings and their prominence in our lives have an untold magnitude. How to choose an engagement ring it is the choicest blessing that both the girl and the guy secretly and coyly crave for. And don’t presume it as an over-estimation or exaggeration. Just sit back withdrawn and grapple your heart. If even […]

Gorgeous ways of using White in your Wedding – Wedamor

The pure white (ivory) color is an incredibly expressed color in contemporary Indian weddings for the elegance and subtlety it brings. This color is seen mainly in western weddings because it offers an elegant look and that is why white is also recommended for Hindu weddings nowadays. It can be mixed with any other color. […]

Destination Weddings Wedamor Ideas Destination Weddings

  How many times have you dreamt of having the ‘Shaandaar’ wedding away from the mundane receptions in the banquet and the irritating guests popping every now and then? Be it the exotic beaches of Goa, the enchanting mountains of Mussoorie, or a royal palace in Udaipur; Destinations weddings have always been romantic. Tying you’re not in the […]

Choosing a perfect venue for you perfect day! – Wedamor

Weddings are surreal. It brings together not only two people but their families too. It is a day of love and harmony. But, you do need a perfect place to celebrate this day with your friends and family. For this, you need a perfect venue for your perfect day to happen. Tips and Tricks Now, […]

Best Destination Wedding Locations In India- Top Five Places!

It looks a lot lavish and beautiful and a lot easier than being done when we speak about destination weddings! It takes a lot of time and energy in already check out everything off the wedding planning checklist and planning the ultimate destination wedding in INDIA! Yes, you read it right! India has some great cities […]

Best Destinations for a Budget Wedding in India! (Under 15 Lakhs)

If you feel lost in a horde of 1000+ individuals at a wedding, picturesque marriages are for you. Get hitched in a close wedding service with your loved ones around. Tie a long way from the hurrying around of city swarms. Most couples imagine that picturesque marriages can be an expensive issue, and subsequently not […]

Most Beautiful Venues for Destination Weddings – Wedamor Ideas/ Inspiration

Are you looking for a wedding idea that is unique, yet economic? Have you always craved for a wedding like that of a royal family? If your answer to these questions is yes then you need to pack your bags for your big day. Getting your wedding done in a palace has always been a […]