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Hosting the weddings is indeed a tough task. It requires time, money and patience. The toughest job of hosting a wedding ceremony is the step of choosing the venue. Mumbai, the trendiest place in India is situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is the city which is surrounded by many water bodies and is considered to be the busiest place. It is truly said that “Mumbai never stopped for anybody”. This city never sleeps. This city has some of the most beautiful places in India where you can organize your wedding procession.

In this article, there are some of the places listed below. So, hosting a wedding in the busiest city in the country is no longer a nightmare.

1. Sun and Sand Hotel

Sun and Sand Hotel is situated in the Juhu area of Mumbai. It is recognized as the first hotel in India which is beach facing. This hotel has a beach front terrace and an outdoor garden. You can experience a beach wedding aand is totally soothing. The hotel has fully equipped staff of caterers, decorators and management staff. There are many cuisines served and the taste is equally good. This hotel consists of many rooms including green rooms for the party and many other occasions.

2. Novotel Hotel

Novotel Hotel is also situated in Juhu by the sea. This is also one of the hotgels which is sea facing. It is built near the seashore and is also decorated with many palm trees which actually adds up to it’s beauty. This hotel has many banquet halls, all with different capacities. It has efficient staff of caterers and decoration team which will help you to make your big day memorable.

3. The Oberoi

The Oberoi Hotel is said to be the most famous hotel of the most fashionable place of Mumbai which is Marine Drive. If you want a grand wedding full of royal touches and grand decorative themes, then Oberoi hotel surely must be in your list. The hotel is very beautiful with a collection of several small islands which opens in front of the Arabian Sea. The hotels comprises of their own packages with variety of ideas. They have excellent food, excellent decoration team, excellent management staff and what not. It is purely a whole package of what we call a big fat Indian wedding.

4. Blue Sea Banquets

Blue Sea Banquets is located in the Worli area of the city. As Mumbai is the most unpredictable city in terms of it’s weather conditions, it is always very safe to host your wedding parties indoors in the banquets, specially during the monsoons. This is also sea facing and can give you a soothing and memorable experience of your wedding. It is one of the finest banquets in the city where you can have one of the finest dining experience.

5. The Taj Hotel

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba, Mumbai is definitely one of the costliest yet most beautiful place in the entire country. It is one of the oldest hotel in Mumbai. It is a heritage hotel with all the grand amenities of a five star hotel and their own packages of wedding parties. Hosting a wedding in The Taj is itself a challenging job but for those who do have the most beautiful memories.

So, these were some of the best hotels in Mumbai where one can truly enjoy his or her big day. Now, hosting a wedding in this city can be a little confusing but is not really impossible.