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Vivek Dahiya

The fairytale romance of Vivek Dahiya and the gorgeous Divyanka Tripathi kicked off when they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Since then, fans have been left drooling over how cute they both look in each other’s company. The perfect love story took on brighter and stronger wings when the two finally tied the knot on July 8 this year. Being the handsome gentleman that he is, Vivek color coordinated his outfits with his dear wife and gave everyone serious relationship and wedding attire goals while doing it.

Knight in Red Armour

Vivek Dahiya

The entire buzz and the hype on social media started when the first pictures of Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi’s Sangeet surfaced online. While Divyanka looked stunning as usual, it was her bridegroom-to-be, Vivek, who looked every bit a movie star in a red jacket which he paired with a black Kurta and white pajamas. He wore a blue pocket square, which matched Divyanka’s outfit and hinted the fans about a perfect couple in the making.

The Royal Sherwani Look

Vivek Dahiya

Vivek Dahiya looked like a drool-worthy Disney hero in beige Sherwani. The embroidered Sherwani, coupled with a gorgeous ‘haar’ or neckpiece and a maroon dupatta looked stunning on Vivek who carried it off with aplomb. He looked dazzling and prince-like as he gave tough competition to Divyanka who looked drop-dead gorgeous in a red and golden lehenga.


Vivek Dahiya

Their wedding reception was an equally star-studded affair. Tellywood showed off the best side of its fashion, but the man who stood out yet again in the throng of people was the lucky bridegroom himself. Vivek Dahiya looked every bit a handsome hunk in the custom-made tuxedo in a darker shade of purple, which complemented the purple gown of the glowing lady in his arms. He wore a pleated black shirt to complete his look. From his gel-streaked hair to trimmed beard, Vivek sure did cut a handsome figure.


Vivek Dahiya

Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi had not one, but two wedding receptions. Both of them filled whichever room they walked in with sheer good looks, great smiles, and amazing clothes. While Divyanka wore a more contemporary lehenga in red and gold, Vivek kept it dapper and sexy in a black tuxedo with a matching bow tie and striped pocket square which the matched the color of the lehnga which Divyanka wore.

Ogling at the Tie!

Vivek Dahiya

With all the talk about the wedding and reception, one might wonder what Vivek wore for his engagement ceremony. Did he decide to color complement the look of Divyanka? The answer is yes, he did. The tall, intense-looking man wore a blue formal suit, with a white crisp white shirt and pink tie. Divyanka too wore a pink lehenga as they exchanged rings.

From the word ‘go’. Vivek Dahiya mesmerized all with his looks and choice of clothes. He not just gave every girl a new dream man, but also left solved some of the mysteries of dressing right for all the grooms-to-be.



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