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What about wedding games where not only you but all the guests are taking some memories along, to cherish for the rest of their lives? Surely, that’s the kind of wedding everyone will love, along with all those who happily extracted out some time to be a part of your celebrations! To make your wedding fun-filled, we have come up with some fun games for weddings, which you can plan to have a splendid wedding!

Wedding Games Sack Race

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Nothing beats the fun and excitement of a sack race. So, get your groomsmen and bridesmaids on the ground and watch them compete to reach the finish line. This game will surely bring out the child in everyone and leave behind a session of endless laughter and fond memories. Have individual races, or you can add more fun to it by having a relay race. Men and women hoping around to pass the baton will be something worth cherishing lifelong! And, don’t forget to click some pictures!

Drinking Wedding Games

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Keep this game for the young group and have a go at the drinking rounds. It will be better to keep this wedding games reserved for after the party and spare your grandparents the shenanigans. This is one of the most fun games for weddings and will bring out all the fond college memories back, and will take you, along with your friends to your carefree days. To add more fun you can pair couples against each other, or the girls against the boys and see who rocks the floor harder. Don’t forget to arrange some chauffeurs to drop the participants home safely.

Treasure Hunt

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Though this game requires more thought and preparation, it is definitely worth it. Everyone enjoys the game of scavenger hunt, and most of your guests must have played it as a child. Brings out the kid in them with a fun, exciting scavenger hunt that will have people running here and there, shouting, laughing and most importantly having fun as they search for clues. This game can involve children and adults alike and you can divide them into small groups to make the hunt harder and thus more exciting.

Mimic Chits

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The wedding date is too close for any alterations? How much time does it take to make chits? Make plenty of chits with the names of your family members. Anyone who picks up a chit will mimic the member mentioned in the chit. This is going to be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding. All that joy and laughter is hard to forget!

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Spin the Wheel

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Put up a life-size wheel, and let your guests spin it. Watch as the drama and the fun unfolds with this offbeat game. Add your own tasks on the wheel. You can add things like eat twenty panipuris, steal something from the other party, and things like that.

Dance Antakshri

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Can you remember of any incidence when Antaakshri didn’t turn out to be the mood motivator? So, how can we forget it when you are talking about wedding games? Add a dash of dance to it and bingo! The game is to be divided into two parties, most preferably the ‘ladki walas’ and the ‘ladke walas’. One team sings a song and someone from the other team dance to the tunes. It keeps on changing till the end of the song. Fun, isn’t it?


wedding games

No war because it’s a happy day! Again a fun game to be played between the bride and the groom as leads for their respective teams. The one, who wins each round, decides a dare for the other team!

So plan one of these frolic games for weddings to make your wedding a hit and let the guests talk about your wedding day for years.



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