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Wedding Jewellery

Bridal jewellery is an essential part to complete her overall look. The jewellery also remains as a cherished possession throughout the life of a bride. Hence, the decision of that perfect wedding jewellery is extremely important for her. But since these are pretty expensive purchases, they need to be bought rationally.

Wedding Jewellery Cost Saving Tips

So here are a few tricks and tips while buying the perfect wedding jewellery that will help you cut down on cost –

Set a Budget

Once you start looking at the different designs and stones, it gets really tough to make a choice which fits your pocket. Instead, make a budget and start looking for the jewellery that land in the particular price range.

Decide your Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

After setting the budget, decide the jewellery you require BEFORE you decide on your outfit. After the wedding, you will wear your bridal outfits only occasionally but you will use your jewellery more often with several other outfits. So, it is important to decide on jewellery that will compliment anything you wear.

Use Existing Gold

Living in an Indian household, you must have witnessed gold in the form of chains, rings or earrings that stay preserved in lockers for ages. With the wedding approaching, it is important to know that old gold can be sold or melted to purchase or create new jewellery. If you have gold which is just sitting in your house, now is the time to use it wisely.

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Choker for the Win

Trendy and beautiful, choker necklaces should totally be your pick instead of the longer ones. They give an extremely beautiful look and you can get them made out of less gold and more of kundan with a string tie-up to save the cost of gold ones.

Mix and Match

Wedding Jewellery

You can always go for that favourite jewellery set that your mom has owned by pairing it up with your new wedding jewellery. Mix and match of old heirlooms with new ones give a classic and loveable touch to your overall look.