When all the madness and hullabaloo regarding the wedding ends, and we have a look at our wardrobe, all we think is what we are going to do with all these fancy and of course, expensive stuff. And the thing that pops up first in one’s mind is the wedding lehenga. After spending so many days and efforts, not to forget the money, you just can’t let it go after just one use. Yes, that had been a very deserving buy but most of the times the Lehenga is so heavy that it can’t be worn again. A bridal lehenga is just for the wedding day. Well, that’s how we have believed it. But there’s another side of the story too. Yes, you can’t wear it again as it is, but what about some alterations and experiments with it? Wedding Lehenga Reuse to make breath-taking attire(s) out of them for the function/festival you are supposed to attend next. Here are some tips on how to re-use your wedding lehenga:

Wedding Lehenga Reuse(ghaghra)

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

Well, that’s how you can Wedding Lehenga Reuse without even altering any part of your favorite attire. No scissors and stitching involved, just pair your gorgeous blouse and dupatta with a plain matching ghagra. Carrying your heavy wedding ghagra can be complicated, so just get your designer make you another ne to go with the dupatta and blouse!

Reuse the Blouse

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

You can get a plain/floral saree of matching or contrasting colors, add up a matching border to it, and voila! Drape your saree matching it up with your wedding blouse. Well that’s totally cool and cost-effective, isn’t it?

Dupatta With Matching Suits

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

The dupatta of your lehenga is most definitely the favorite thing you will like to adorn again and again. So here’s how you can do it without having to carry your heavy lehenga along. Get your designer to stitch a matching salwar suit of the same color or any color that might rock with it. Get a plain but shiny fabric so as to team well with your gorgeous dupatta.

Alter the Blouse

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

You can alter your wedding blouse to get something hotter than it originally was. Ask your designer to re-design it so that you can match it up with other ghagras or sarees. If your wedding blouse is golden, you have all the leverage to match it up with other colorful sarees with golden embellishments on it. Not only Wedding Lehenga Reuse but the blouse as well!

Reduce the volume (of the ghera)

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

Well, most of us just keep on nudging to our designer to add up a few more kilos to our lehenga so that it gets a voluminous look. The same volume pesters us later when we think of wearing it again. Wedding Lehenga Reuse, by getting rid of those extra kilos.

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Stitch it Into an Elegant Anarkali

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

Another amazing thing you can do wedding Lehenga Reuse is to get it stitched into an Anarkali. Anarkali suits are totally in and you can ask your designer to stitch your lower and blouse in such a way that it gives the look of an Anarkali. You favorite lehenga will promise you another gorgeous day for sure. Innovation is all you need to look beautiful and different in the same outfit redesigned.

Dupatta as a Saree

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

You can also try draping your dupatta as a saree. Get a plain fabric that matches well with your dupatta. Drape it around and use your embellished dupatta for the hem of the saree. You are surely going to love this match.

Keep it as it is (Wear it in Another Style)

Wedding Lehenga Reuse

If you are in too much of love with your wedding lehenga that you can’t go through any alterations, just keep it as it is. You can still be innovative by wearing it in different styles. Try experimenting with the dupatta and your makeup. Different hairstyles also help in getting a different look every time. Wedding Lehenga Reuse 



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