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Weddings are the best part of a bride’s life. She wants to look her very best on this very special day. Therefore to help her achieve this, we have come up with these new and trending wedding necklace ideas, to help her choose the best one for this special day of her life.

All Time Favourite Diamond Wedding Necklace

Have you ever wondered, how much women love diamonds? So we recommend that this wedding season you experiment with the very favourite diamond jewellery and necklaces. Diamond wedding necklaces are absolutely stunning, pretty and elegant. Take a necklace that suits your wedding dress and then contrasts it with different coloured bangles and rings. We also recommend that you use other gems in combination with the diamond for your neckpiece, like this bride below. The combination of ruby, emerald do wonders when paired with diamonds. Complete the look with smoky eyes and dark eyeliner for better results.

Wedding Necklace Ideas

The Princess-like Royal Wedding Necklace

The second pick for this season is the princess-like royal wedding neckpieces. Now it is important to note that these pieces could be either in layers or single or could be heavily ornamented or just with one or two big stones. This category is vast enough to engulf almost all the neckpieces which give you the desired princess-like look. We usually find this trending in areas in and around Rajasthan. These pieces look absolutely stunning and give you that extra touch of glam and glitter. A rather darker eyeshadow and a softer makeup or nude makeup look bring out the best results for this look.

Wedding Necklace Ideas

The Heavily Studded Wedding Necklace

Now most of us get confused with the princess-like category and this one. Both look pretty similar but have this slight difference. The latter one is narrower than the former category. In this sense, we mean that the heavily studded necklaces are usually thicker and usually in a single layer. The stones are much bigger and heavier. These were predominantly adorned by the royalties and queens. They are the perfect blend of antiquity, elegance and royalty.

We highly recommend this look with a variety of colour combinations such as this bride. Experiment with the eyeliners, the eyeshadows and apply thicker quotes of eyeliner. Cat eye’s look wonderful with thicker jewellery frames.

Wedding Necklace Ideas

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Slender Wedding Necklace With Broader Accessories

What we mean by this category is that keep the wedding necklace rather slender as compared to your other accessories. It’s all about experimentation under this category among our wedding necklace ideas. Make sure you use the right kind of makeup while wearing this necklace. Smoky eyes, thick eyeliner usually pops out your eyes and make them look a lot bigger, therefore it would look great with the necklace, and give you that extra spark of glam.  We also recommend you to experiment with broader ear pieces, jhumka’s and bali’s, big decorated fancy bangles and maang tikka’s. Also, a big bindi would look great with this majestic look.

Wedding Necklace Ideas

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