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spice up your wedding venue

Each wedding has its own theme and yours needs to stand out in the crowd. Whether you lean towards the traditional wedding decor or the modern decoration, be it lights, flowers, tulle, curtains, mandap, tents, it is important that they are not cliche or overused/disposed ideas. Your wedding needs to be out of the ordinary and totally special as it is an important day that will be remembered for years. Your venue needs to be transformed into a dreamy and beautiful wedding location and here are some suggestions to spice up your wedding venue. With some of these new and fresh ideas, you will surely get a lot of appreciation from the guests while having a delightful treat yourself.

1) It is the Little Details That Count

Your wedding always needs to be very inviting and full of warmth. That is the first thing that guests see and they walk through. The hallway to your wedding should be eye catching and entrance should be awestruck for which there are a few ways.

Imagine the first thing your guests see is a curtain hanging down. A curtain made of ribbons and bells with lovely color palates. Trust me, it is also a great place to take pictures in front of! A beautiful color scheme that pleases the eyes and brings a smile on your guests’ faces. Go for this lovely look if you have a wedding event during day time and spice up your wedding venue.


Spice up your Wedding venue

2) Let Flowers Do the Talking

Flowers are the way to go if you like them, especially when they hang color coordinated from a thin transparent string as shown in the picture below, they look like a wall of flowers magically placed in the air. It is very beautiful and lightens up the mood. It will also be a great addition to make your entrance mesmerising. The biggest advantage is that this can be done with any type of flower ranging from cheaper to the most expensive ones according to your budget. No matter which flower it is, it will give an amazing look altogether as flowers are a symbol for freshness and loveliness.

Spice up your Wedding venue

3) As Bright As Light, Wow, What a Sight!

To enhance the night, there is a glamorous idea that includes tonnes of fairy lights. These lights are my personal favourite as they give an enhanced touch even if it is used to decorate a room or even a huge hallway. Who would not want to walk in this glittering tunnel of fairy lights and feel like they are in some wonderland? This will add up an enhanced touch to your wedding entrance and will be just mind blowing for the guests and you. 

Spice up your Wedding venue

Colors combined with lighting: Here is another variation to the fairy light entrance. However, it is more minimally present, it adds a perfect balance of colors as you can see in the picture below that red and mustard get their own attention and the lights are not too much but still attract their deserved attention. The way they are making a beautiful color pattern is also what adds to the beauty of it. This entrance is sure to delight your guests and is an ideal tip to spice up your wedding venue.

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Spice up your Wedding venue

Projector Lighting: Over to more soothing colors and unique elements, go for projector lighting. As pictured below, the projector is making patterns on the carpet which makes it so much more interesting. This is modern touch to a very basic decor which makes it stand out. The best part about having a projector lighting is that you can change as many colors and patterns as you want and keep the venue new and refreshed to please your eyes. Kids will especially love it but so will adults. This exciting little thing will also help to make your wedding venue different and gorgeous. 

Spice up your Wedding venue

4) Centerpiece Could be Your Center of Attraction

If you do not want anything super elaborate like a tunnel full of fairy lights or an entire flower wall then you can opt for a centrepiece to get praises pouring in. These centerpieces can look something like the one’s pictured below and are just very unique. Whoever made these is a genius and the details crafted by flowers and such elements just looks super attractive. The pictures show a variety of ways you can choose for this piece to look with your own combinations and color schemes. Do not mind if they steal the attraction more than you, haha.

Spice up your Wedding venueSpice up your Wedding venueSpice up your Wedding venue

5) Little Boxes of Freshness

As I said earlier, the little things count. Imagine so many of these little boxes with exploding rose petals from carved cases lying near your feet. When you sit or walk around, it will add its own freshness to the venue. I personally love this style and at night you can place metallic lanterns similar to this to make the night even more royal and enchanting.

Spice up your Wedding venue

6) LED Magic

Technology has really achieved great things. Look at these eye LED tables and transparent chairs. Such decor is just enough to make the guests go WOW. The whole venue full of LED furniture is deemed to look “Grabbing Shaandaar”. It is fun and creative. Such creativity is what makes a wedding venue glowing and glamorous.

Spice up your Wedding venue

Talking about glowing and glamorous wedding venues, look at these lit umbrellas on every table that the guests sit on. It is royal, unique, happening, creative and all things good at the same time. This picture says more than I can and if you choose to go for these, it will be a decision you will never regret. 

Spice up your Wedding venue

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7) Morrocan Tents

Morrocan Tents are the way to go. They are stylish, authentic and will definitely spice up your wedding venue. The guests will love sitting in these tents and chatting, eating, resting at the same time. 

Spice up your Wedding venue

Play With Bright Colors

Lastly, decorating the indoors with bright color schemes is a big thing in itself. Go for bright popping interior and impress your guests.

Spice up your Wedding venue

Hope these ideas will help you spice up your wedding venue in order to make it stand apart from all others and give it the much-needed EDGE. 



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