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Wrapd: A Sensational Inception in the Wedding Rental Market – Wedamor


An Indian wedding involves a series of ceremonies and it really gets painful to get a perfect dress for each ceremony as most of the time you only have to wear it once for maybe twice. Started from home, Wrapd is offering a simple solution to the persistent problem of what to wear. They rent out formal occasion wear, wedding wear, cocktails, interview suits etc. The idea is to provide a platform where customers can rent what they’d buy for 50 to 60,000/- for a fraction of the cost, saving not only money but storage space too. Some of the added benefits include no tailoring hassle, no dry-cleaning costs and maintenance issues and of course the advantage of having yet not owned an unlimited wardrobe that too of latest styles and cuts 



According to Wrapd, the value is in the renting model. They don’t think people should have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to look great, especially if it’s only for one occasion. It is a common problem and Wrapd is offering a very simple yet effective solution.

People Driving Wrapd

The Soul is God –  His work is to send the right people and create the right opportunities for Wrapd  Sometimes he gets lazy and doesn’t submit his work on time. Sometimes he gets confused and sends wrong people and then sits down to correct his mistakes.

Heart – Neeraj Wadhera and Ritu Malhotra, the person through whom largely the ideas ( both brilliant and stupid) flow.

Head is Anubhav Goel, the person who processes the ideas and puts systems in place to execute those ideas.


How Wrapd Came Into Existence

Neeraj had a wedding in her family and so had to get clothes ready. She got them stitched for both her daughters. The wedding wardrobe was great,  a huge success got a lot of compliments and then…….it was over!. Then came the problem of storage and maintenance. It was then realized it was all actually a waste of money.

That is when Neeraj decided to start a place which rents out clothes for such occasions and that’s how Wrapd started. It was started from a small room in her house in Patel Nagar, Delhi and has now reached three cities in India. Hoping for many more to join soon.


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Services on Offer

They offer a wide range of wedding and party wear on rent for both men and women including women’s ethnic and western wear and men’s ethnic and western wear, designer lehengas, sarees, anarkalis and gowns for women. For men, we have a wide range of Sherwanis, Kurta pyjamas, Suits, Coats, Tuxedos, Indo-westerns and Nehru jackets.

How Wrapd is Different From Their Competitors

The difference lies in the fact that they have gone from offline to online and not vice-versa. Their offline stores help the customers to have a proper quality check and get fully satisfied before they rent out clothes. The piece is altered and dry-cleaned before their function, and they finally get it for 48 hours spread over three days.



They have bootstrapped and self-funded their business.

Rental Cycle for a Particular Garment

Their typical rental cycle for all the outfits is 48 hours which spans between 3 days. Customers can opt for more than 3 days also but then they have to pay extra charges for every extra day.

Order Stages are as Follows –

  1. Visit any of their stores and choose the perfect outfit.
  2. Book the outfit and have them take your measurements.
  3. Collect your perfectly fitted outfit the day before the occasion.
  4. Look stunning and collect compliments!
  5. Return the outfit to their store and get your security deposit back.

They do provide pickups and drop facilities across India with their own delivery network. They have successfully delivered clothes in Kanpur, Gwalior, Moradabad, BareillyAgra, Varanasi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and much more.


Are Indians Warming up With the Outlandish Concept?

According to Wrapd, Indians are definitely warming up to this idea as it’s economical, hassle free, cost effective, involves no storing and maintenance and above all keeps people’s party wardrobe up to date and they never have to see those clothes again

Anything which makes sense is definitely adopted. Slowly but surely.


Dealing With the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges that Wrapd faced was that people just would not accept mentally they could rent clothes Though they liked what Wrapd offered, were even delighted and surprised but could not overcome the mental block. This was a huge problem and totally out of their hands. Other challenges include logistics, money crunch, starting from home hence terrible location,  zero marketing, being small and hence no leverage etc.


Journey So Far and Future Plans

Starting from home to taking it to three cities, obviously, the response Wrapd is getting without much efforts/investment on marketing is overwhelming. Wrapd is looking to approach other geographies as well. With the availability of more funds, Wrapd will be looking to move to places like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh as they are getting a lot of queries from these cities.


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