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Makeup Looks for Wedding Reception

A wedding is a stressful affair. Funnily enough, wedding planning is a bigger commitment than the actual marriage itself. It involves a series of never-ending decisions, which is rather exhausting. Everything requires a substantial amount of time, money and energy. However, when it comes to the wedding reception, things start to cool down. Reception is a time to dress down and simply relax with your friends and family. For the bride, it means she can go light on her dressing and make-up. But which makeup look to go for? Here are our top 10 makeup looks for wedding reception, inspired by the best receptions of Indian actresses and celebrities –

Makeup Looks for Wedding ReceptionImage source

Here Are 10 Best Makeup Looks For Wedding Reception

1) The Glittery-eyed Look (Samantha Akkineni)

Give yourself a rich glittery eye-shadow along with a defined eye-liner and then let your eyes do the magic! Add a nude lip color and a bit of highlight to finish off this dreamy look, inspired by the beautiful Samantha, who recently had a wedding of her dreams!

       Makeup Looks For Wedding ReceptionImage source

2) The Natural Blush Look (Sagarika Ghatke)

If you wish to go for a more natural, effortless look, Sagarika Ghatke is your inspiration. Go light on any eye makeup and contour, instead, add a tiny bit of nude blush along with a matte lip shade and you are good to go!

Makeup Looks for Wedding Reception


3) The Dramatic-eyed Look (Priyamani)

Want to bring a little heat to your look? Dramatic eyes are your savior. A thick-eyeliner coupled with dark eye-shadow and long lashes will do the trick. If you wish to add more definition to your face, go in with heavy contouring and highlight.

Makeup Looks for Wedding Reception

Image source

4) The Contour Special (Mira Rajput)

Contouring is the key to this look. If high, defined cheekbones are your forte, then this look will take you no time! Neatly done eyebrows and a pretty lip color will give you the Mira Rajput look and make you dazzle for your wedding reception! inspired

Makeup Looks for Wedding ReceptionImage source

5) The Pink-standout Look (Asin)

If you think you can pull off a bright pink lip shade, then Asin’s reception look is the one to imitate! Pull out the brightest shade of pink lipstick you own and go all in with it! Keep your eye makeup and contour to the basic minimum to get this elegant look.

Makeup Looks for Wedding ReceptionImage source

6) The Fresh Face Glow (Esha Deol)

If you are worried about your makeup lasting all evening, prefer the Esha Deol fresh face look. Get a glowy face to last for all your reception pictures by adding that extra pinch of highlight to your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Go easy on the eyes and the eyebrows, and pick a natural lip shade.

Makeup Looks For Wedding ReceptionImage source

7) The Radiant Look (Genelia D’Souza)

Genelia’s reception look is one that stands out. Go heavy on the blush, the glitter, and the highlight. Add a glossy lip color to it along with smoky-eye makeup and you have got that radiant look for your wedding reception!

Makeup Looks for Wedding ReceptionImage source

8) The Pretty in Pink Look (Sneha Prasanna)

If you wish to look effortlessly beautiful, this is the ideal look. A pretty shade of pink lipstick, along with pink eyeshadow and blush are a must for this look. If wearing bindi is your thing, then a pink one would be just perfect. Minimal contouring and highlight are additional.

Makeup Looks For Wedding Reception

 Image source

9) The Bindi Magic (Anushka Sharma)

The traditional Indian red bindi is the highlight of this look. Keep the contouring and blush to the least minimum possible! For this elegant Anushka Sharma inspired look, go in with a matte light lip shade and defined dark eyeliner. This look is sure to make the bindi standout and will give a unique traditional look to your attire.

Makeup Looks for Wedding ReceptionImage source


10) The Chilly-red Look (Bipasha Basu)

A bright red lip color and a big red bindi, along with sharply defined eyeliner is all it takes to master this Bipasha look. Go for an evenly applied foundation with basic minimum contouring and highlight, and your gorgeous reception look is done!

Makeup Looks for Wedding ReceptionImage source

Take your pick from these 10 best makeup looks for the wedding reception and get a flawless, picture-perfect look!

Inspired by the wedding receptions of top Indian actresses and celebrities, these looks are sure to give you a memorable reception. So let your hair down and dance away through the night with these gorgeous looks!

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