10 Eye-Catching And Budget-friendly Wedding Centerpieces – Wedamor

The big day is all about tiny details, and eye-catching unforgettable centerpieces. Get imaginative by mixing the wedding’s style and theme. Here are the 10 key ideas that you can enjoy.

1. Upside-down Wine Glasses

This centerpiece uses three different sizes of wine which are flipped as a candle holder upside down and have a single, bright flower within the glass’ rim. Moreover, they are very affordable.


2. Potted Plants

Add wooden planters with green plants or succulents as your centerpieces if your wedding theme itself gives the rustics-elegant feel. Furthermore, this idea will raise the bill for florists. Garden centers are an excellent location to select planters in a range of materials. After the big day, you can give it to the guests as presents or add them to your yard.


3. Edible Centerpieces

Whether it is a fruit garden, cheese and crackers or a doughnut dessert tray, making an edible centerpiece is a fun and cost-effective way to be artistic.


4. Books

A beautiful vintage look for book enthusiasts is to pile and tie tons of hardcover classic together with a ribbon. Books should be brought from second-hand libraries or flourishing markets, or borrowed from friends and relatives. It is not compulsory to get the books of the same size. Variety also creates excitement. Prepare five or six books for each round table and invest in a personalized ribbon.


5. Tassel Poms

Create basic tissue paper tassels and paste them onto wooden dowels. Use any colors that complement your decor.


6. Going Faux

Glided flowers give a bit of luxury to the tabletops for a dramatic effect. Plastic or paper flowers may be painted to achieve a shiny look and group them into large vases, or wire them together down the center of tables. Plan to spray for a few days prior— as you want to look lavish with the flowers— and play with various colors of paint to achieve the correct effect. For this kind of setup, a monochromatic look will suit well.


7. Painted Bottles

Spray bottles of metallic paint. Rose gold, yellow gold, and silver are all great options, and the look can be achieved rapidly and effortlessly. Consider grouping together a variety of bottle shapes and sizes to generate attention, and place single stems of your favorite flowers in your wedding colors in each container. Wine bottles are perfect for larger vessels, whereas beer and medicine bottles fit better for smaller vessels. If you don’t have a flower mart in your town, don’t worry about it. Grocery store flowers work well and are still affordable than a professional florist.


8. Tabletop Lanterns

A reasonably priced way of creating a trendy statement is to use lanterns as the tabletop decor. They are effective and take up space so you just need a few floral accents. Mirrored rounds, or cardboard rounds wrapped in cloth or decorative material, make trendy frames, and the rustic look of wrought-iron or other metal is certainly on-trend. Center them with ornamental table numbers crafted from wine bottles, and fill dollar-store vases for round tables with cheap blooms. 


9. Garlands of Greenery

Fresh greenery is the next best thing after the flowers. It’s a colorful, classy look for tables without containers or water. Please ask your florist for cheap suggestions, or you can check your nearest flower mart. Organizing them in the middle of your tables is a modern and sleek way to dress up your reception space. The arrangement with an occasional bloom provides a floral effect, and tea lights or votive candles in glass holders give a touch of elegance to the table.


10. Eucalyptus

Add the eucalyptus to the vases, glasses, pots, or containers which are ideally appropriate for your wedding decoration.