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A Makeup disaster refers to a makeup gone all wrong. There are times that many celebrities get makeup so outrageous that you either cringe at their look or laugh out loud. It’s not just with the celebrities but often many aunties you meet in social gathering have makeup so pathetically done that you just can’t stop yourself from laughing.

There are certain trends in the field of makeup that are equally disastrous. They actually make you wonder who came with such ideas! So here we’re listing some makeup disasters that will entertain you:

  • Neon Lipsticks

The person who came up with this idea was probably saving up money for an LED bulb, maybe!

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  • Golf Club Brows

Golf club brows refer to rounding out the eyebrows towards the brow ridges. They often look hideous. Plus, if you pair them up with false lashes, it looks much worse.

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  • Unblended Makeup

This generally happens when the person doesn’t realize how much makeup is too much makeup. Just because they like the effect of it, they go ahead and apply it. They don’t see if it will blend properly or if it’s really going with the look. This is what we call unblended makeup.

  • Too Much Pink

Imagine this. You’re at your cousin’s engagement party and your aunt asks if you’re down with fever. You get shocked why she asked that. Then another relative of yours tests your forehead to see if you’re feverish. Another relative approaches you asking if you’re planning to join the circus. The likely reason for such welcome could be the blush which looked just right in the dim light of your room. This eventually makes you look either feverish or like a clown.

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  • Eye Shadow Mismatch

It’s always important to choose the right eye shadow which goes with your outfit. Otherwise, it can leave your eyes looking dull and flat. The whole purpose of eye makeup is to enhance the shape and color of your eyes. The eye shadows should be in sync with your eye color.

  • Mascara Smudges

Mascara has a habit of smudging, or you can say flowing freely. This generally happens when your eyelashes get wet. Even the waterproof variety can’t help themselves from flowing, leaving streak on your cheeks. A way to stop this to blot the mascara before it dries and place a tissue right at the lower eyelid just before you cry.

  • Lipstick Improperly Lip lined

When the lipstick moves out from your lips to the surrounding skin, you end up looking like Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight. Right after you apply lipstick, try wiping the outline of your lips with a damp paper towel. You can also use the foundation to conceal the stain around your lips.

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  • Box Brows

This trend is legitimately a building block of makeup disaster, for it looks like one. I mean, who started this trend? Well, do yourself and mankind a favor and never try this at home.

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  • Broken Winged Liner

Getting perfect winged eyeliner takes a lot of patience, practice and a whole lot of self-discipline. There are times that even the experienced lot of MUAs face difficulty in getting the perfect wing. Not everyone has the time and patience to get a perfect wing, so they just let it be what it is. Giving the world sight of what we call, a broken-winged liner.

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A makeup disaster might not affect your personality but it stops you from putting your best face forward. It also gives you a bad or embarrassing memory that will haunt you for days, especially if there’s a picture clicked. Thus, irrespective of how often you apply makeup, always take out time so that there’s no haste. Otherwise, who knows, your picture might be on any such listicle.

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