10 Trendy Kalire Designs To Get The Perfect Bridal Look – Wedamor

Kalira, also spelled as a kalire, is an umbrella-shaped accessory made in gold or silver. It is tied to the bangles, popularly known as the bride’s chooda. The wedding outfit of a Punjabi bride is incomplete without kalire. These loosely flowing kalire strands hold a lot of bridal charm. A bride adds importance to the kalire and it is so overwhelming.

She selects the Kalira style properly so that she can show off her chooda with intense pride. In this article, we present some inspiring fashion designs that you can wear on your wedding day. While some of them vary from kitsch to bohemian, others are elegant. 

1. Pearl Kalire

The Pearl Kalire are coupled up with designer hanging beads and bright colored wedding dresses. This kalire is so strikingly beautiful that one would for sure do ‘awwww’ the moment they lay their eyes on it. 


2. Floral Kalire

This kalire would radiate a peerless, excentric, extravagant look. Moreover, the flowers are a refreshing version of the traditional Kalire. These fashionable ones give your outfit a unique feel. They’re lightweight and different that gives a unique touch.


3. Pom Pom Kalire

Pom-Pom Kalire goes well with light and breezy wedding outfits. Brides who love cute things are supposed to go for pom pom kaliras. This is definitely the best choice when it comes to teaming up kaliras with summery lehengas or morning wedding outfits. These kaliras can also be personalized by boutiques and tailors.


4. Coconut Kalire

This is the most traditional Kalire. The reason for wearing this Kalire is that there is a belief that the bride who wears this kalire will never have food shortages in her life ahead. With such nice options, you have the option of either keeping it simple, throwing a little glitter at the strings, or embellishing the coconut as well!


5. Tassel Kalire

Generally, kalire is very strong due to gold or silver and precious stones. But these Kalire tassels spare our brides any relaxation because they are light. Such fashionably trendy and romantic kale designs come with a chic twist that will allow any pine girl to get married. This may be single or multicolored, and each has its own charm.


6. Golden Three-Tiered Kalire

These could be the most popular, but for a reason. The classic golden kalire is not only beautiful and elegant, but the bridal trousseau is as conventional as it can be! Besides that from being trendy and exquisitely lovely, these kaliras complete the wedding ensemble.


7. Silver Kalire

Silver Kalire looks simply beautiful if it’s handled right. They will bring beauty to your outfit for the brides who want the pastels for their wedding day. Moreover, you can choose to go simple with them, or opt for a silver kalire with pastel tassels at the end –either way, your kalire is bound to look stylish and eye-catching.


8. Kalire With Colorful Hangings

People aren’t meant to be able to get their eyes off you, so your kalire going to make sure they just see the bride. These kailre with colorful latkans are so eye-catching. Colors popping out give a vibrant look and make your eyes pop out with multicolored orange, black, and purple Kalire beads. It’s wonderfully created with a classic feel.


9. Ghunghroo Kalire

Ghunghroo kaleeras can be used for girls who want conventional kaliras but want a slight twist to the regular. Shimmery, ghunghroo encrusted kaliras look pretty beautiful and can go well with the red bridal outfits. You can easily find these ghunghroos on the market, but you can also customize them with big golden balls. 


10. Balls and Shells

Kaleeras with shells and chunky balls are really special. Shells intermixed with golden balls in kaliras will go very well with pinkish and peaches of lehengas.