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Jewellery holds an important place in Indian Wedding. Until the bride is adorned with jewellery on her D-Day, something seems missing. As a part of jewellery, Necklace is the major highlights of the bride’s overall look. Therefore, necklace is to be chosen wisely so that you gorgeous on your wedding day. We are here to tell you the various options you have when you think about wearing a necklace at your wedding.

Here are the Necklaces that you can rock on your Wedding Day:

Believe it or not but these necklaces will change your perspective about the Indian jewellery that are considered to be over the top. Check it out!


Jadau and Polki Jewellery

Remeber Jodha Akbar movie? Well, I am asking that because Aishwarya wore the precious Jadau and Polki neckpiece in some scenes of the movie. Jadau is an Indian neckpiece which is very popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is made of precious gems and metals which makes the bride look regal on her Wedding Day. Bipasha Basu wore Jadau andd Polki neck piece on her Wedding.


Gold Kundan Jewellery

Gold is considered to be an auspicious metal in Indian culture. Gold Kundan, thus, becomes a hot choice for the brides. It looks elegant and extremely beautiful.


Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is very popular in South India but now its popularity is not limited but it is worn by brides across India to boost the fashion quotient.This type of jewellery showcases the idols of gods and goddesses which looks regal as well as glamarous.

Temple jewellery completed Esha Deol’s astonishing look on her Wedding Day.



Lac jewelley originated in Rajasthan is considered to be a good sign of luck. Lac is usually brightly colored and adds elegance to the look. This jewellery is a result of skilled craftsmen using decorative wires, mirrors which make the jewelley unique.


Navratna Jewellery

Navratna is a jewellery created with nine gems that are diamond, emerald, ruby, coral, pearl, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite. This multi-color necklace looks queenly and never goes out of fashion. The beautiful finish of Navratna jewellery make it a top choice for the brides.



Well, this is the necklace for the modern brides who love to keep up with the latest trends. It is for the minimalist brides. These are extremely versatile as they can be worn alone and in addition to the long chain necklace. Chokers instantly make you feel chic and exquisite.


Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace is a great option for your wedding day. They are so versatile that you will be able to wear them time and again. These look so feminine and girly and work with almost all types of bridal outfits.

So, do consider these necklaces as your option for the romantic and glam look.


Raani Haar

This is the statement necklace that suits all bridal styles. Rani haar is one of its kind and look ravishing. It can be simple or multi chained. You can layer it with a choker and you have no idea how gorgeous you will look rocking this statement necklace on your Wedding Day.



Satlada is a seven-stringed pearl neckpiece that is traditional and ideal for the brides.  It has 465 pearls studded in the necklace along with diamonds, rubies etc.

This triangular-shaped necklace is worn by Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar and do I need to remind you how lovely she looked in that?


Diamond Jewellery

This is for the contemporary bride who knows diamonds are a woman’s best friend.Women, nowadays like to keep jewellery simple and  classy. What’s better than a diamond necklace to shine on your big day?

Ayesha Takia wore a piece of diamond jewellery on her wedding day and looked bewitching, what say?


Necklaces are not just accessories in India but hold an important place in the Indian culture. Some are even ‘Pushtaini’ which are passing on from generation to generation. Thus, there is no chance of avoiding the neckpiece on your Wedding Day.

Neckpieces are the soul of any bridal look. The necklace can make or mar the overall look of the bride. Thus, make sure you choose the right one for your Wedding Day. These were some of the necklace options that you can wear on your big day. and look like a princess.

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