10 Unconventional Haath Phool Designs for Brides – Wedamor

An elegant outfit, lavish jewelry, perfect hair, graceful expressions and a smile on the face; an event in itself is the transformation of a child into a woman. Every accessory that a bride carries on her wedding day is special, whether it’s the nath, bangles, earrings or maang teekas. 

A haath phool is one of a bride’s most valuable jewelry. Brides typically avoid paying attention to her hand jewelry. Hath phools have always been a huge favorite among brides-to-be and bridesmaids, so we have listed some very beautiful haath phools. 


1. Mesh Haath Phool

This elaborate mesh hath phool can be a great alternative for brides that love gold jewelry. You can attach it to the ring and you can wear it with a dark red lehenga on your wedding day. You will definitely look awesome. 


2. Goota Haath Phool

And another fashionable haath phool style for modern brides is a goota haath phool that conveys luxury, vibrancy, and subtle ethnic charm. High utility gotta haath phool can be worn on festive occasions, family reunions and not limited to marriages alone.


3. Kundan Haath Phool

Kundan haath phool is for sure a spotlight stealer. Intricately carved kundan stones exquisitely embedded in a designer form will instantly uplift your bridal look. It is one of the most versatile jewelry kinds, kundan fuses with your outfit effortlessly and enhances ethnic flamboyance. 


4. Multi-colored Stones Haath Phools

A multi-colored stone haath phool is a beautiful jewel. It allows for a stunning fashion statement when combined with a typical red outfit.


5. Mirror Work Haath Phool

For a bride who wants an elegant retro taste, this is the haath phool from which she can take inspiration. This one has mirror work all over and also has double finger rings.


6. Crystal Stone Haath Phool

This is a crystal stone haath phool for the tough bride. This bold jewel can also be worn with a vibrant lehenga at your wedding or at a cocktail party.


7. Mauve Colored Haath Phool

For your Mehendi ceremony a mauve haath phool with a touch of white and pearls will be a perfect pick. It will look the best jewelry if the theme of your Mehendi is also pastel. 


8. Artificial Flowers Haath Phool

Yellow artificial flowers will go well for your haldi ceremony. Right? Go for this tempting yellow haath phools for the ceremony which will certainly grab all the attention.


9. Pink And White Haath Phool

This style is inspired from Bipasha Basu, the favourite Bollywood bride. Her pink and white hath phool and all her floral jewelry caught numerous eyeballs. Her latest look has been an example followed by other brides. So you can also go with this!


10. Subtle Orange Haath Phool

You should wear this pretty set of flowers on your hand much like a piece of jewelry, as pastels are in style. It will complement your sangeet lehenga or your wedding outfit.


We are sure something must have had you interested in this humongous range of awe-inspiring haath phool designs. Haath phool jewelry is a powerful fashion piece that accentuates the charm of their hands for brides-to-be and bridesmaids. With recent trends flourishing in the market and jewelry designers catapulting their custom-made artwork, such haath phool designs are gathering popularity among the brides. 

A haath phool follows the hands of the bride that render any move look so magical. Such haath phools are an essential aspect of a bridal outfit and make sure you do a great job in selecting the perfect match. 

So, I hope we gave you a wide variety of haath phools to choose from. Tell us your favorite in the comments section below.