10 Ways Coconut Oil Can Help You Get The Bridal Glow – Wedamor

It is the latest trend to hit the beauty and glamor world and everybody wants to be a part of it. Every bride wants the perfect picture for their wedding album. Coconut oil has many advantages and in order to achieve your bridal glow, you should make use of this quarantine. It suits all of the skin types. Coconut Oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as anti-viral properties. This oil protects your skin and helps to cure the skin because of the presence of the antioxidants.

Above all, the fatty acids in coconut oil also lower inflammation. Also, coconut oil is available in most of the households, so it is very easy to use it. Mainly, the product is super affordable.  Here are few ways to use coconut oil in the everyday routine of bridals:-

1. Night Cream

Add a few drops of coconut oil to the moisturizer and apply it before bed in the night if you are particularly prone to acne. If not, you can apply the oil on your face directly.


2. Strengthen Eyelashes

We all know the value of good lashes, as they really contribute to the spectacular look of the bride. Although artificial lashes are available, several blogs claim coconut oil will boost lashes and strengthen eyelashes. Although it is ideally safe, make sure you do not let the coconut oil in your eyes.


3. Face Scrub

Mix coconut oil with coconut sugar and use this mixture at least two to three times a week as a scrub on your face. This makes your skin a lot smoother than ever.


4. Eyebrows

Whether it’s the beauty bloggers or even the brides, it seems they’re all obsessed with thick brows and don’t worry anymore as coconut oil comes to your rescue! Only a drop of oil should be massaged onto the brows and left for a couple of hours before washing them out completely.


5. Makeup Remover

Makeup removal is a major task. Instead of removing make-up from other chemicals, remove it with coconut oil. Coconut oil can also aim to prevent wrinkles.


6. Teeth Whitening

Bring a little extra twinkle in your teeth with the help of coconut oil. It helps to reduce plaque and gingivitis when you swish it around your mouth using a process called oil pulling.


7. For Hair

Using coconut oil daily not only improves the beauty of the hair, but it also makes it ultra-soft and shiny. It also constantly restores and protects the hair from the polluted environment. Coconut Oil binds the hair proteins and holds them to make your hair stronger, shinier and healthier. It also helps to reduce frizz and repair split ends quicker and works wonders for your hair.



8. Soften Cuticles

When you regularly wash your hands or your cuticles require a little extra loving care, add coconut oil twice a day to your fingers to keep them smooth, supple and nourished. It will make a difference in a few days. 


9. Eye-Cream

Apply any vitamin E-rich coconut oil packed to treat under-eye bags and fine lines. It is soft enough to be applied to the sensitive skin on your face. Coconut oil is packed with antioxidants which help to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Women whose skin is allergic to creams and serums can certainly avoid using coconut oil.


10. Shaving Cream

Using coconut oil as a foundation to get a smoother shave that keeps your skin smooth and supple instead of making your skin dry, patchy and sometimes bruised.


These were our top 10 uses of coconut oil that is for both, to-be-brides and women. We hope you liked it!