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Shopping for your wedding dress is the most exciting part of the wedding planning.As a bride-to-be, you have put in so much of effort to make your day a perfect one. It is the moment you have probably been dreaming of your entire life.There are clothes to buy, sangeet rehearsals, fixing venues and what not.There’s just so much to handle that people often forget something or the other.

Some Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes Brides Must Avoid

So, to make your shopping a little stress-free,  we have these 10 common wedding dress shopping mistakes to help the brides avoid them.

1) Shopping Too Early

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

Many brides make this wedding dress shopping mistake of getting everything very early from the wedding date.Since many factors can influence the style of your wedding dress such as the venue and the weather so, it’s important to have the rest of your wedding details before you shop. Moreover, shopping very early say more than 12 months before your wedding means you’ll miss out on more trendy outfits.

2) Not Doing Your Homework Before Buying

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

Before you go in the market to find your wedding dress make sure to check some latest trends online. Not just style and colours but also plan your budget before.Note it all down as it will help you to get the best deal.

3) Shopping With Too Many People

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

For a stress-free shopping experience do not take too many people with you.We know this is the most important outfit and you want to make sure everything is absolutely right but having so many opinions will actually make your shopping a complete mess.So, it would be best to take only a few important people for a genuine opinion while you shop.

4) Don’t Fall For Sales and Discounts

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

We know we all love securing a great deal but do not shop your wedding dress from the sales section as they usually have discounts on the pieces from the previous season.As a bride-to-be, you should wear latest and trendy clothes so, when you are shopping remember to only see the latest collection and new arrivals.

5) Matching From Top to Bottom

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

Don’t shop everything colour coordinated because that will not make you look very charming.But do not worry as this is one of the very common wedding dress shopping mistakes which can be surely avoided. Look for different colours, shades, and pattern while shopping.Wearing little contrasting colours will make you look more vibrant.

6) Not Planning Your Budget

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

It is quite natural for brides to get carried away while shopping for their wedding day and many people end up spending way too much than their budget.So, having a pre-planned clear budget can help so much while shopping for your wedding dress.If you know your budget before then, you would only see dresses that fit your budget.

7) Trying Way Too Many Dresses

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

You may want to try out all the styles of dresses available in the store.But if you will try each and every bridal dress then you will end up getting confused.This will also be a very time wasting process and you won’t be able to pick a single one for yourself.So, avoid trying many dresses and be clear as to kind of outfit you desire.

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8) Not Choosing the Right Colour

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

Choosing the right colour of your outfit is very important but it is also where brides make their wedding dress shopping mistakes.Always, choose colours which compliment your skin tone.Never buy a shade which may make you look dull or washed out. Do make sure to choose the right colour which even enhances your natural glow. 

9) Do Not Go For the First One You See

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

You may love the first dress you see in the store but don’t make this mistake of finalising it immediately.You might never know what’s in the store next for you.Always see other options of dresses to buy from and then, select the one you feel the most gorgeous in.

10) Not Checking the Fittings Very Well

wedding dress shopping mistakes brides must avoid

The wedding dress is quite heavy and difficult to handle.Remember you will not just sit on your wedding.You will have to do a lot of rituals which will involve moving around, walking, bending etc, so make sure your fittings are perfect.Wearing an outfit in which you are comfortable is most important.Never go for any dress which makes you uncomfortable as you will have to spend a lot of time wearing it.

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