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best posing tricks

Be it parties, wedding, trips, or any such occasions; millennial do not miss a chance to dress and show up. They rule their social media game with selfies and great poses. It is traumatizing to find oneself looking horrible in photos. It is always surprising how all these models manage to look so good all the time. Being photogenic is a like a fine art- how you’re in-the-flesh beauty translates on camera. All you need is to know some best posing tricks and you are done.

Best Posing Tricks

With the wedding season coming closer, and with many cameras around, make sure you are well aware of the poses and tricks to look photogenic all the time in front of your wedding photographer. Look at the profiles of famous celebrities/models or your friend who keeps posting good pictures. Try to observe their poses, hairstyle, dressing style. Also, learn how they manage to look so damn good every time. These would definitely help you to learn some best posing tricks so that next time you look great in pictures.

Best Posing Tricks to Help You Look Photogenic

Here are some best posing tricks that will help you look photogenic.

1) Know Your Angles

Standing or sitting, you should know the right angles that will make you look good while the photographer clicks you. Adjust your chin, shoulders straight; drop your face down to adjust the camera level. Prefer lower angles instead of higher ones. Lower angles visually stretch your figure, making you look leaner and taller.

Best Posing Tricks

2) Be Confident and Comfortable

Best Posing Tricks

Be comfortable in your dressing and styling. Your discomfort will naturally show on your face and your shoulders will look slumped. Do not hesitate to be in front of cameras, project confidence in yourself and strike a pose. Fake it until you make the best of it.

3) Know Your Best Profile

Not many of us are aware of our best profiles. According to scientific study, usually, the left side of the face is more attractive. However, on observing and paying a little attention towards it, you can surely know which side of your profile is the best. Stand in front of a mirror or your phone camera and check your left and right profiles.

Best Posing Tricks

4) Adjust Your Head and Face Angles

Tilt your face slightly, so you are not facing the camera directly and get a square portrait.  You can also turn your head slightly as it is more flattering. This will give your features more depth and maybe show your cheekbones. This gives a good look when you strike a pose in front of high definition cameras.

Best Posing Tricks

5) Avoid Standing Close to Cameras

If you think you will not be getting good pictures while standing closest to the camera, avoid it. It will make your face look disproportionately larger. Instead, choose a position where you are safe and on an even plane with the other people in the group photo. Also, avoid clicking selfies in such cases so that it does not ruin the picture.

Best Posing Tricks

6) Smile

This works for almost everyone. Give a relaxed smile in front of the camera. Do not reveal your nervousness. Instead, be confident and smile. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your eyes before the shutter clicks and smile. Do not stretch your cheekbones much; it seems as if you are faking the smile.

Best Posing Tricks

7) Avoid Grinning

Try to smile naturally. To avoid a too-wide grin, put your tongue behind your teeth when smiling. Just remember to smile with your eyes so you do not look unhappy!

Best Posing Tricks

8) Wear Bright Lipstick

Choose bright pop-color lipsticks that brighten up your smile in photographs. This gives a different look and makes you stand out from the rest in the group photos.

Best Posing Tricks

9) Say MONEY instead of CHEESE

Don’t Say Cheese! Say Money!

The old “Say cheese!” thing is a farce. It somehow makes your smile look kind of fake and forced. If you have to say something, we suggest “money,” which allows your mouth to stay slightly open and come across as much more genuine.

Best Posing Tricks

10) Learn How to Pose

Master the chicken arm pose – hand-on-hip pose. This angle makes your pose look more natural and poised. All you have to do is pose with elegance and simplicity.

Best Posing Tricks

11) Wear Sleek Clothes

It is an irony but true that some outfits give a good look in real life but the same gives an odd look in photographs. This is because you don’t get the proportion of your skinny legs. Wear clothes such as a slimmer-fitting top which hugs your silhouette.

Best Posing Tricks

 12) Darken Your Brows

Darkening your brows often gives you a different look. Do it with a pencil, powder or wax and balance your makeup. This truly gives a much difference in photographs.

Best Posing Tricks

13) Shiny Hair

Make sure you focus on your hair as much as you do for the rest. Use last-minute spray-on shine to give your hair a shiny touch. This helps to give you a great photogenic look.

Best Posing Tricks

14) Use Props

Props while getting clicked makes your picture look beautiful. Wear fashionable glasses that match your face or something that you can flaunt and play with.

Best Posing Tricks

15) Blush is Must!

Your face may look two-dimensional if you do not apply blush or a medium pink shade on your cheeks. This will shape your face and look blush and beautiful in photographs.

Best Posing Tricks

With these tricks, you are surely going to look photogenic when someone clicks you.

Next time when you see a camera on, confidently strike a pose! 



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