20 Beautiful Feet Mehendi Designs For Brides – Wedamor %

You will see Mehndi designs for hands are throughout the Internet. But in feet mehndi designs we do not see the same range. Several styles of Mehendi designs for feet are available. We have everything for you from floral designs to rose motifs! This list helps you get ideas for the perfect foot mehendi design.

1. Payal Design

Who doesn’t like to wear anklets? These lovely Mehendi designs of payal are another way to highlight your feet on your big day.


2. No Mehendi On Feet

You will notice that the style is completely different on both sides. This bride just went creative and had totally alike designs on the feet as well as legs.


3. Arabic Design

One of the most common designs for Mehndi is Arabic. While it originated in Arabic countries it has become popular all over the world with beauty and charm of the Arab henna patterns.


4. Hearts Design

Sometimes you don’t want a full-feet pattern of Mehndi. This is when having a few simple but beautiful designs will help you out. In Indian Mehendi designs, heart patterns are widely used.


5. Mandala Design

This Mehndi fits for every event and is our favorite from the collection. Mandala Mehndi designs make you stand out from the crowd, whether it is a wedding or Karvachauth. It is important to select a suitable cone that does not spill excess mehendi when this pattern is to be drawn on your foot.


6. Mesh Designs

This design of mehndi is in trend again and they are here to stay. Popular design feature in the palms, with various elements including stars, flowers or zigzags, these are now even noticeable on bridal feet. They match with the hands and look gorgeous!


7. Jhumka Inspired Design

Jhumkas carry Mughal beauty with them. Not only do they highlight the Mehendi, but they also give the design a modern and exciting look.


8. All In One Design

A gorgeous blend of traditional patterns such as hearts, spiraling circles, and a dotted mesh with a contemporary pattern, this foot mehndi design is so impressive.


9. Charismatic Peacock Design

From wedding jewelry to blouses, we regularly come across a peacock motif at weddings. But, the peacock motif on mehendi is jaw-dropping.


10. Under The Foot Design

You will be amazed to see these gorgeous under the foot mehendi designs. It definitely takes a lot of patience, and for those who have more tingling sensations than others, it’s a hard nut to crack.


11. Gujrati Design

Though most people know about the designs of Rajasthani Mehndi, very few people have heard of Gujrati Mehndi design. The truth is that the history of Gujarati Mehndi is extremely wealthy.


12. Ankle Design

You can now get a Mehndi-style tattoo on your ankle. Such designs are influenced by western tattoos and typically have no ethnic motifs.


13. Minimalistic Design

If you like everything to be simple and beautiful, then these designs are ideal for your feet.


14. Side Feet Design

You may go for this design if you want your Mehndi style to cover only the side portion of the feet.


15. Multi-Patterned

These types of designs should be tried by brides who love multi-patterns. It looks both traditional and contemporary. It should make your feet appear adorable, but it is time-consuming.


Okay, it is no denying fact that you certainly wish to select more than one design. We will recommend that you choose what’s more interesting for you. If you are still not sure, simply mix the elements you like most and ask the Mehendi artist to create a design that includes them.