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How to become a perfect bridesmaid?
Friends? Huh? Bestfriends can turn to Bridesmaid really quickly. The most beautiful girl after the bride is her bridesmaid. The supporter of the bride, the welk wisher of the bride, the guide of the bride, whatever we want to call her. But, being a bridesmaid is not at all an easy job. The moment she receives the proposal of being the bridesmaid, she has to be on her toes until the wedding day.
There are many responsibilities of a Bridesmaid. She has to look after the bride and all her needs. A bridesmaid should make sure that there is no complain from the bride.

1. The first duty that a bridesmaid should follow is that to know what actually the bride wants and is it possible not to compromise with anything. She should listen to all the tantrums thrown by the to be bride. If there is something that is irrelevant or not possible, she should be able to convince the bride.
2. The bridesmaid should act like a support to the bride. Times may come where the bride would be tensed about thinking of the wedding. It is the duty of the bridesmaid to calm her down, talk to her if she is facing any problem. Be her support until you walk down with her to the aisle.
3. Help the bride to choose her wedding dress. This is one of the toughest job to follow. The bride cannot do it alone. She definitely needs a helping hand to help her select the perfect dress for a perfect day. The bridesmaid is bound to help her without any doubt.
4. Provide her with the new and unique ideas. Think of all the possible and creative ideas that may help the bride to add up to her wedding. Do research on the internet and find some creative ideas. Help the bride to decide the way of decoration, lighting etc.
5. Go and meet some of the vendors and ask them about how the preps are going on. Make sure everything is available and there is no last minute hassle. If something is not available, make it happen for the sake of your bride friend just to make her special day more special.
6. Know all the likings and disliking of friends and relatives. Make them comfortable and take good care of them.

As I said, being a bridesmaid is not at all easy. This job comes with lot of challenges
• Sometimes you may get challenged by some of the situations but you have to be patient amd not overreact. You need to be a good listener. Only then you will be able to solve all the problems.
• Sometimes you may even get into a quarrel with the bride but like her bestfriend you need to hear her out and her problems and then help her accordingly.
• Sometimes you may feel irritated and left alone, but then you remember why are you there and for whom are you there. You are the special one who got the chance of becoming a bridesmaid.
• Sometimes things will not turn up to the expectation. But, you need to stay calm and make the things happen by keeping your mind calm. If the things are irreplaceable you should be able to handle all the queries from the bride and convince her for the better.
• Lastly, you should be confident enough in yourself. Then only you will be proved to be a confidante for the bride.