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Do’s and Don’ts on a bachelorette
Bachelorette is one of the most beautiful moments of a bride’s life. It is hosted some days before the wedding. The bride usually celebrates with her girl gang. It is the perfect oppurtunity for bride-to-be to fulfill all her temporary wishes and enjoy to her fullest before she gets tied to a knot of love and responsibilities. This party is only for the bride and nobody from the groom’s side should be present. These parties are often notorious and is memorable for the bride through all her life.

Do’s on a Bachelorette:
1. Plan a budget: Yes, just like planning a budget for the wedding is important. Making a budget for your bachelorette is also very important so that you don’t overspend on the party and are available to save for your last minute wedding obstacles, if any. By making a proper budget, you will also get know that what kind of a bachelorette you exactly want.
2. Do the bookings: Whether you want to host your bachelorette in the same city or you want to go on a trip with your friends, just remember to do your bookings before hand. This will give you a sense of security that something is really happening. Also, you don’t have to hustle to book your hotels on the last minute. So it is always good to be prepared.
3. Limited Invitations: Invite only the necessary people or your best friends only. You do not need to invite every woman out there. Some people get really upset whem they are not invited to such parties. But, you should invite the people according to your budget.
4. Talk: Talk to your other bridesmaids about what they would like to do, or tell them about your ideas. Make a collective plan so that everyone will enjoy.
5. New Ideas: Think something out of the box for your bachelorette party. Wearing same clothes and that sashes is a very cliché thing nowadays. Think of doing something very different. Like, go on a wildlife ride, or a one night camp and trekking, or any other activity you like.

Don’ts on a Bachelorette:
1. Don’t just plan as if you are planning for only yourself. Take the ideas and suggestions of your gurl gang as well in your consideration and act according to it.
2. Don’t delay the bookings. If you delay in executing the plan of booking your holiday, then it will be very tough for you to arrange last minute accomodations. Also, it will be very expensive.
3. If you are not the bride:
Then it is your responsibilty to listen to what all the bride wants. It is your duty to make the arrangements for her. Talk to her about what she is expecting and help her to carry this on smoothly.
4. Do not post the pictures without the bride’s consent. Ask for the permission for putting up the pictures on social media. Some brides may want to keep it personal and may not like to put up their photos. Respect their decision.

So, by following these tricks, you may surely arrange a grand bachelorette party. Afterall, it’s the laast days that count!!!