7 Bachelorette Game Ideas That Don’t Actually Suck!

Apart from hitting the club or chilling in the pool, there are some other ways too which can help you spice up your bachelorette party! Playing games is the best way to add fun and drama to your party.The best part about games is that you don’t any luxurious location or grand celebration to play them. You could have a small party at your place and play these games. So, here are 7 bachelorette game ideas that don’t actually suck and we promise you would enjoy.  

Never Have I Ever


The most classic and common games for every bachelorette party is “Never Have I Ever”. Each player takes a turn completing the phrase “Never have I ever …” with a true statement. The rest of the group has to take a drink if the statement isn’t true for them.  If only one person drinks, the rule is that person has to reveal all the details of the true statement. This is a nice ice-breaker kind of game too where your girl pals can get to know everybody in detail. 

How Well Do You Know Bride+Groom


A game where you test how well do your friends know your partner and you. Questions could be anything related to both bride and groom which of course the bride gets to personalize. For eg- When did he ask to marry her? Where did you go on their first date? How many kids do you want? and so on. 

Photo Challenge


Select a list of photos that you want your girl pals to recreate, show them the photograph and challenge them to create that picture. Examples can be a photo of someone in a white dress, a picture kissing a bartender, a group picture with another bachelorette party. This game not only would be challenging and fun to try but in the end will give you a lot of memories to reminisce in the form of these photographs. 

Dare Cards


There’s nothing like good old-fashioned dare game to get the party started. Create a bunch of dares by yourself or get them printed or buy them online. Everyone gets to pick up at least one card and do the task that is written on it. Throw in a twist like offering the option to get out of a dare by buying the bride-to-be a drink or gift which she says. 

Bachelorette Bingo


Before the party or the trip starts, create excitement by playing ultimate childhood game but the digital way- BINGO! Customize the game and send in the picture to your girls and ask them to tick off the part that they have done and post it on the Instagram and don’t forget to tag you. Since this game could be played before the party or the trip begins, it could help the bride to get idea about who has done what and what they could do in the party. 

Girls Night Jenga


Play the ultimate fun game of Jenga, but with a bachelorette twist. Each block in the tower includes a fun challenge like “prank call your mom” or dance on a table” that the player has to complete before adding their block to the top of the tower. It will be fun to watch how the ladies can pull off the game. 

Ring Hunt


Just like the treasure, well here the treasure is ring. Not your actual but hide a bunch of plastic rings around your home and have the girls find them. Keep chits or clues for them to give them an idea about the location of the ring. And once they find the rings, keep a note on the final one which could include a dare for the one finds it first to add a little twist.

We told you, as much as they seem to interest you while you are reading them, the double they are going to be fun when played. Try out these 7 bachelorette game ideas that don’t actually suck.